Edgartown: Through a tourist’s eyes


Well, we certainly were a busy little Island last week, weren’t we? I suppose I’ve seen busier Fourth of July weeks, maybe back in the early ’90s, but not many. I hunkered down and avoided traffic whenever possible. I drove to the beach and back and to work and back, and other than that, laid low. For the first time that I can remember, I missed the parade, but I heard it was fabulous. I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday and celebrated with family and friends. 

I worked evening shifts last week at the Copper Wok, and I have to say, I’ve never experienced anything quite like a busy restaurant during a busy summer holiday week. Wow. I have always said that teaching is the hardest job I’ve ever done, and I think I still stand by that assessment. But I have to say, this restaurant work, and I assume all service and retail work, especially during the summer, can be a challenge. I enjoy it, but it isn’t always easy to keep everyone happy. But I try to fall back on thinking about what I would want for myself and my family while out to dinner on vacation, and try to meet that need. And I work with great people who all have the same goal of happy guests. And we have fun together too. I’m glad after 53 years, I finally tried to work in the restaurant business.

On August 20, Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary will be hosting its first Sanctuary Supper: Eating for the Planet at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary. Experience a farm-to-table dinner designed and prepared by Kyleen Keenan, plant-based chef and co-founder of Not Your Sugar Mamas. Enjoy wild drinkables, passed hors d’oeuvres in the meadow, and a three-course organic meal overlooking the spectacular expanse of Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary. All ingredients are sourced with the health of our planet and people in mind. After a lovely Sengekontacket sunset, join Trip Barnes for an exciting live auction, followed by music and dancing under the stars. RSVP by July 12 for early-bird pricing ($150 per person). The event will benefit Felix Neck’s climate education programs, including our Climate Cafes, Youth-Led Climate Summits, and much more! Get your tickets here

Happy birthday wishes are going out this week to Melissa DeOliveira and Scott Ellis on July 8, our cousin, Anna Dillon, on July 10, Courney Corwin on July 11, Dalila Vieira Byrnes and Elsa Vieira on July 12, and Whitney Osborn on July 13. I’d also like to wish my husband, Don Casey, a happy fifth anniversary on July 12. 

On July 12 at 8:15 pm is the Lights for Liberty event in Cannonball Park. This event is a candlelight vigil to end the human detention camps. Please park at the Edgartown School and walk over to the park.

July 13 from 11 am until 2 pm is the eighth annual Seawall Event. The Seawall Event is an event where men take a stand against all gender-based violence.Head over anytime and grab a sign, and help fill the seawall from the drawbridge to Packer’s. Go for 10 minutes, or three hours! Led by MOVE on M.V. (Men Opposing Violence Everywhere on Martha’s Vineyard).

In these busy days of summer, I’ve been trying to look at the island from the perspective of a tourist or visitor. I’ve been trying to take in the breathtaking views while stuck in traffic, the beauty of the beach after stressing out about finding parking, the cleanliness of our towns and the amazing care that our police, fire, and highway departments provide, and the fun things to do. Looking at it with that perspective, like someone who has never been here before and has saved up to vacation here, has really helped me keep a smile on my face. It’s such a beautiful place. It’s no wonder everyone wants to be here. And we get to live here all the time. How lucky are we? 

Have a great week.