Vineyard man awakens from coma

Karen Blake-Robinson, Isaac Higgins' aunt, asked friends and family to change to their Facebook profile picture to a photo of Isaac's eyes.

More than two weeks after suffering a traumatic brain injury and falling off the roof of a moving vehicle, Isaac Higgins has opened his eyes.

Karen Blake-Robinson, Higgins’ aunt, told The Times in a phone call that Higgins opened his eyes early Tuesday morning and has been responding to dialogue through facial cues. Blake-Robinson said Higgins’ doctors are “amazed” at the speed with which he is recovering.

“The doctors and nurses all can’t believe how far he has come in such a short amount of time,” Blake-Robinson said. “Every day the doctors check on him, he is doing something different.”

Higgins has been able to occasionally move his legs and arms, and has turned his head in the direction of his loved ones’ voices, according to Blake-Robinson. 

“It is just so incredible, because now we can see that Isaac is in there, just waiting to come out; it gives us such hope,” Blake-Robinson said. 

On Monday, Higgins had surgery and was incapacitated. But now, doctors are looking at moving him from the Intensive Care Unit into the recovery unit, because he is no longer in critical condition and has moved to stable condition, Blake-Robinson said.

“Every day is a blessing. Every day Isaac is learning and progressing through his recovery. The doctors are talking with him, explaining to him what happened,” Blake-Robinson said. “They are even playing his favorite music for him during the daytime as he rests.”

Although Higgins will be moved to the recovery unit, Blake-Robinson said it will still be “a long and hard road” ahead for him, and the family still needs all the prayers and support they can get.

“Even though we are over the moon about this most recent development, it is still going to be a long journey for Isaac and his family,” Blake-Robinson said. 

The family asks that folks continue to pray and donate to the GoFundMe account, which has nearly reached $5,000 of the $20,000 goal.

“We thank the community for keeping us hopeful, and for continuing to support Isaac through this,” Blake-Robinson said. “Without all the love coming in, we aren’t sure Isaac would have been able to come so far so quickly.”