Tradewind Aviation offers charter flights from airport

Tradewind charter plane services offer quick and convenient air travel to and from Martha's Vineyard. — Paul Bown/Courtesy Tradewind Avi

Tradewind Aviation, an operator of both private and shared charter flights, is making air travel from the Vineyard to the Northeast quick and convenient.

With no TSA security checks at the airport, private gate entrance, comfortable airport lounges, and complimentary onboard food and drinks, Tradewind offers an alternative to everyday scheduled air travel, according to a press release.

Tradewind charter services are geared toward business travelers who are hopping from one meeting to the next, and leisure travelers wanting to enjoy a stress-free vacation, according to the release.

Many private charter flights have a passenger limit, and the traveling party must pay as a group. But Tradewind’s scheduled shuttle service allows passengers the comfort and convenience of a private charter for the cost of a single seat, the release states. 

Tradewind recently introduced a new frequent flyer program called Goodspeed, which offers customers a private charter service without initiation and membership costs, according to the release.

The release states that the card is competitively priced at 20 percent to 30 percent less than similar charter programs, and excludes peak-day surcharges and blackout dates. 

Assistant airport manager Geoff Freeman said Tradewind offers reliable charter service that allows people to get where they are going, fast. “Tradewind screens prospective customers intensively before admitting them, so there is no TSA check,” Freeman said. “You don’t need to deal with the security, so people use it for the convenience.”

Freeman said Tradewind employees will meet passengers right by the apron entrance and guide them to their aircraft. 

“It’s a really simple boarding and disembarkation process, making it attractive to lots of people,” Freeman said.