Pay the bus drivers


To the Editor:

Those of us who appreciate this extraordinary Island know it for the delicate nuances of its delights. The aromas, the pace, our habit of waving to drivers who stop to allow us across our streets. Even summer residents find splendor in the gentle exuberances which abound. All of these things have been carefully protected; by the waters which surround us, by our insistence on preservation, and also by careful and intelligent planning. 

Every year one might disembark from the Steamship to hop on a bus with a number of longtime drivers to instantly come abreast of the Island’s happenings. One might turn to these knowledgeable and friendly drivers for advice on a day hike or a nice fishing spot. And if you are unfamiliar with the place, they might point you to Mocha Mott’s, or the market in West Tisbury. These drivers are a large part of the ethereal charms which draw us to this marvelous Island.

All these things are held in delicate balance, and are subject to destruction here as they have been almost everywhere else in this country. Are we so intent on commerce and economy that these heroes of our own repast should be denied the living wage and healthcare which they richly deserve?

Please ask yourself: How much more of our cherished Valhalla shall we erode? Where does it end? Do we prefer our friendly escorts replaced with migrant workers underpaid and unfamiliar with our Island?

With all the strength of my mighty conviction I raise my objection to their loss. Let’s pay them TODAY!

Marcus Lawson