New office opens, banner will come down

Beach Road Weekend is in the final act of preparation.

Beach Road Weekend creative director John Zannini and general manager Maria Metters hang merchandise at the new Main St. office. — Gabrielle Mannino

Updated 5:25 pm

A temporary office for Beach Road Weekend has opened at 30 Main St. in Vineyard Haven to sell tickets and promotional gear and to give employees of Innovation Arts & Entertainment a central location to work out last-minute details for this weekend’s three-day festival.

Beach Road Weekend opens Friday night at Veterans Memorial Park in Vineyard Haven with the showing of “Jaws” accompanied by the Cape Symphony Orchestra. Full lineups of national and local bands are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.

On Tuesday, Beach Road Weekend posted the final details for offsite parking. There is no parking at the site, and Tisbury Police have issued an advisory about road closings ahead of the concert.

Meanwhile, a Beach Road Weekend banner posted on the side of the Island Theater in Oak Bluffs created a stir on social media Monday.

On Tuesday, Adam Epstein, promoter of the three-day music festival, told The Times he has arranged to take the poster down on Wednesday, saying he didn’t realize a permit was needed. “Ben Hall, who has been a supporter of the festival, invited us to put a sign up on the theater,” Epstein told The Times. “He is a fan of live music, and allowed us to put up the poster.”

Because a permit would have to be approved by Oak Bluffs selectmen, who don’t have a meeting scheduled, Epstein couldn’t apply for a permit because the festival would be over before it could be reviewed. “I was unaware that a permit was needed, which is the reason there is so much concern; admittedly I was excited, and didn’t think about the need for the permit,” he said.

Besides that glitch and some rain on Tuesday, Epstein said preparation is going well. The main stage is expected to arrive on Wednesday by ferry, he said.

Updated to clarify the permitting process.


  1. It is sad that the only thing the island theatre is good for these days is a poster backdrop.
    At least it gave the townpeople something new to complain about.

  2. They better be careful taking the banner down, the whole building might go with it! Good luck to the event organizers – thank you for your inventive way of bringing new revenue to our island!

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