Hugh Parker wins Chilmark Road Race

It was a stellar day to run the hills of Chilmark.


Bolting ahead of more than 1,600 racers, Hugh Parker, age 29 of Manhattan, tore through the finish line with a time of 15 minutes, 40 seconds, at a pace of 5:03. This time was close to the personal record for Parker, who won the race in 2012 and 2015, at 16:07 and 15:38 respectively. 

Bobby Carew, 17, finished close behind Parker’s bright green Nike sneakers, with a time of 16 minutes, 12 seconds. Ben Bosworth, 24, followed at 16:17. 

The first female finisher was 15-year-old Zoë Edelman, who crossed the finish at 19 minutes 15 seconds. 

In its 42nd year running, The Chilmark Road Race is a highly anticipated event for summer visitors and year round residents alike. 

Runners took off down Middle Road on Saturday morning, vying for the title of Chilmark Hill Conqueror. 

The Chilmark Road Race is notorious for its winding byways and valleys. What makes the town so naturally beautiful also makes it a menace for runners. But to racers on Saturday, it was all part of the fun. 

The clear blue sky and shade from the tree-lined road made for beautiful conditions. 

Parker and Edelman, the first male and female finishers, held their live lobsters high; lobsters are the traditional “laurels” of the event.

Sam Spurell cooled off in the shade, and said he was “pretty gassed,” and planning to head to Lucy Vincent beach to cool off. 

When asked how they were going to relax after the race, runner Phyllis Yale exclaimed, “cocktails and croquet!”