Baby alpaca recovering after surgery

The baby alpaca is currently recovering from her surgery at Island Alpaca Farm. — Courtesy Island Alpaca

A newborn alpaca (cria) has been through a lot after being born at Island Alpaca on July 28 with a broken femur.

The cria is the offspring of of Luciana, and is still unnamed.

Typically, Barbara Ronchetti of Island Alpaca wrote in an email, cria are standing within one hour of being born. But employees of the farm noticed that the young alpaca was having trouble standing, and her right leg was unusually wobbly. 

The alpaca took a trip off-Island to the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in Massachusetts, where x-rays indicated that the femur had been broken before she was born.

According to a GoFundMe created to fund the baby’s surgery, the operation was a success.

But it came at no small cost, with an $8,000 veterinary bill resulting from the operation. 

Island Alpaca is asking for the community’s help in paying back the cost of the surgery in order for the cria to live a “long, full, and normal life, running, pronking, and grazing with her herd, living the alpaca dream at Island Alpaca Farm,” according to the GoFundMe.

The alpaca is expected to fully recover within four to eight weeks. She and Luciana will be kept in an area where her activity will be kept to a minimum.