MV Nantucket vehicle door froze with rust


One of the vehicle doors of the MV Nantucket froze in the open position on the last day of June. Also known as freight or cargo doors, the doors are on either end of the vessel and open and shut by hydraulics. As The Times reported on July 1, a passenger witnessed Steamship Authority personnel physically pushing on the door from the deck above it to get it to close. 

“[E]mployees were attempting to get the door locks to stow,” SSA spokesman Sean Driscoll emailed. “They were stuck but were able to get freed up. I’m not aware of the incident causing any delays to the vessel’s departure.”

Driscoll noted the door locks become stuck and require manual freeing “infrequently.”

“I will note,” Driscoll wrote, “that following the incident the door locks were degreased, cleaned up, and new springs were installed.”

Driscoll wrote the door, made by MacGregor, was last inspected during a repair period between March 25 and May 23, along with its locks, and “found to be in good working order.” 

It’s unclear how the locks rusted between May 23 and June 29, or if they were already rusty. 

 In response to a public records request made by The Times, the SSA produced the chief engineer’s and captain’s logs for June 30, 2019. The chief engineer’s log noted “Maintenance onboard to fix jammed locking pin mechanism for bow door. Pins were frozen w/rust & no grease points on pinion bushing.”

There is no entry in the captain’s log about the door. 

In response to another records request for a standard operating manual for the door that has been provided to vessel personnel, the SSA responded, “The Steamship Authority has no documents that are responsive to this request.”