A mail delivery issue at Havenside


To the Editor:

It has come to my attention that for nearly two years, the mail at Havenside is being delivered to the wrong mail boxes.  

While visiting with my 90-year-old grandmother, her sister (and neighbor) brought in my grandmother’s mail, along with several neighbors’ mail. I thought she was helping those who couldn’t retrieve their own. Then I discovered more than five of her neighbor’s letters and bills had been placed in her mailbox, all with names and addresses clearly different than her own.

The sisters informed me this has been a common occurrence for nearly two years despite multiple complaints to the Post Office from Havenside neighbors. 

Havenside is housing for adults over the age of 65, with many residents over the age of 85 and up to age 102. 

Fortunately, my grandmother’s sister is able to deliver the mail that was added to her mailbox, but not everyone who lives here is as mobile. It could also be assumed people may be waiting for important mail while it sits in their neighbor’s mailbox. 

The mailboxes are located on Main Street. The entire mailbox opens with one key held by the postal employee, providing access to all of Havenside’s labeled mailboxes. There is no excuse for creating this added burden for our Island seniors.

Lana Schaefer
Oak Bluffs


  1. This is not just a problem for Havenside. I live in Edgartown, have a rural delivery box and my mail, though I have to use my street address, is delivered by Vineyard Haven. I frequently get other people’s mail and I have to wonder how many other people get mine. Don’t even get me started with UPS sure post…?

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