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To the Editor:
The West Tisbury Free Public Library will be hosting Alan Dershowtiz ‘s book talk next week. This event has gathered interest and public comment. I would like to address some of the concerns that have been shared with me the past few days.

As authors commonly do, Mr. Dershowitz approached the library to speak on his forthcoming book, “Defending Israel.” The library does not compensate authors for their talks. The decision to schedule Mr. Dershowitz’s book talk is consistent with library policy, which is as follows: 

“Programming will not exclude topics, books, speakers, media, and other resources solely on the basis of controversial content. Acceptance of a program topic by the library does not constitute an endorsement by the library of the group’s or individual’s policies or beliefs.”

Beth Kramer, director
West Tisbury library


  1. Just don’t go. What part of free speech don’t you get. We simply can’t silence people we don’t agree with. But we don’t have to buy his book. Even the scumbags of this country deserve legal representation. The more money they have the better their representation. It’s unfortunate but true.

    • I agree with Susie. However I must point out that ironically Alan Dershowitz is not a supporter of free speech, “vibrant debate”, or the open market place of ideas. Dershowitz has in fact pursued smear campaigns against people who’s ideas he disagrees with, case in point, respected scholar Norman Finkelstein. Dershowitz lobbied relentlessly to have Finkelstein denied tenure at DePaul University because Finkelstein’s research and writings are critical of Israel. No doubt Dershowitz would have left Finkelstein alone if Finkelstein hadn’t been so well respected in the academic world, but as his ideas were gaining traction he became a threat and was targeted for destruction. This story is available online, I suggest anyone interested google it. But Good Lord, stop calling Dersh a free speech advocate when he is anything but.

  2. I am going to go just to walk past all the so called tolerant liberals on this island who will be protesting his Free Speech rights!
    Cant wait to see all those who loved being around him for all the dinner & party times “Until” he started quoting our Constitution and explaining the truth about the abuse and fake news about our present president..
    Was never a problem with Bill Clinton ever but now throw Dershowitz under the bus, back over him few times even though he has not found guilty of anything unlike old Billy Clinton!
    See you there!

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