Good reaction for Good Deed cards

Tisbury Police have been handing out these cards to boys and girls for performing good deeds. — Brian Dowd

The Tisbury Police Department’s Good Deeds reward cards have been a hit with boys and girls this summer.

The cards give young Samaritans the option of a free slice of pizza from Bobby B’s, a free ice cream cone from Mad Martha’s, a free round of golf at Island Cove Adventures, and Mocha Mott’s bucks. 

Most have been given out to kids for wearing their helmets while on their bikes, but the cards have also been given to kids for helping their siblings, picking up tipped-over traffic cones, and collecting trash off the street.

The rewards cards was the idea of Officer Scott Ogden, who was trying to think of ways to get involved in the community.

Since instituting the reward cards, Ogden said he has passed out hundreds of cards. When kids cash in their free treat, they hand in their card. Ogden then goes around to businesses to collect them and reuse them. He plans to have the cards be a summer treat.

Since introducing the cards, Ogden has noticed more kids wearing their helmets and being responsible citizens. “All the kids are grateful. Parents have been saying it’s great,” Ogden told The Times. “It’s all been positive.”

Ogden also thanked the businesses involved who helped get the cards up and running. 

“They were awesome. They were very generous,” he said. “It’s been well received.”


  1. This is a fantastic idea, TPD’s relationship with the local community has been excellent. Great job Officer Ogden!

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