Meisner has a case


To the Editor:

Eerik Meisner was raised and educated on Martha’s Vineyard. Father Ivo was a lawyer for Vineyard Open Land Foundation. Mother Cindy started the Book Den, a notable and useful bookstore. 

Eerik’s path led him to the Titusville, Fla., Police Department and a 20-year career with law enforcement. A last duty before returning to the Vineyard was shift commander of the entire Titusville


How Tisbury managed to screw up the present situation has yet to be revealed. A real report is needed. 

Today Eerik is building a firm foundation for his lawsuit with all the rocks that have been thrown at him. As far as I can find out, he has not been out of order on anything. 

Town of Tisbury Police Department has a lot of cruisers, but no one has chased down the bail jumper who stole my car and thousands of dollars from an elderly resident of senior housing. 

Not one officer has called for an update. Marney Edwards is the victims’ advocate, and lets me know when he is supposed to appear. Alas, he appears to have run away, and nobody can find him. What a joke.

The Tisbury selectmen, Wasserman Report, and others are responsible for our situation. Eerik Meisner is a winner, and he is going to win his suit. Tisbury residents are the losers.


Clarence Barnes



  1. Got any actual facts to support your assertion? Perhaps another drive in a circle to prove to the roundabout will not work be enough evidence

  2. yourhelp -What does that even mean-is it some sort of secret code or mystical mystery-Mr. Barnes wrote a very good letter-what problem could you possibly have with a well written thought out letter-where he addresses some of his concerns about the town ?

  3. Great letter Trippy. Bravo!
    I had many positive experiences with LT Meisner. He was always caring, kind and compassionate in times of need. He was an asset to the town. I didn’t realize that he grew up on the island and then went off to FL to get real world experience.
    But what I do know is that Tisbury doesn’t value anyone who is knowledgeable, experienced and hard-working.

    The entire leadership team of Tisbury should resign. If they don’t, residents should put in for a recall. Between this incident and the school fiasco the residents of Tisbury should step up and demand better. They deserve it!
    It’s very disturbing that they allowed Mr. Israel to neglect the town and its needs for 25 years, and I fear it will take another 25 years to get the town back into shape.

  4. Trip, parents don’t always produce good off spring. Not saying Eerick is a bad person but just pointing that your assessment has no value. Sometimes peoples ego & desire for power get in the way of doing good. I think this may be the issue this officer and the new guard picked right up on it. Just another opinion.

  5. enough is enough-either you like him or you don’t -i like him and watched him run the P.D. while the former chief gazed out over the Stop & Shop lot- His job was to do everything to run a department and do all the thankless tasks that Hanavan couldn’t or wouldn’t do. He did a great job-just ran afoul of a couple of selectmen with underlying agendas-you don’t have do be a genius to see how this went down-even looking from the outside.

  6. Tisbury selectmen are a disgrace and should resign. $1.5 million for modular classrooms. $1.2 million lawsuit. Taxpayers are on the hook for all of this!

  7. I second Trips’ sentiments. I have worked with Eerik for many years and found his demeanor to be professional and polite. I feel bad that he was stuck in the middle with jokers to the left and fools to the right. I know he will prevail in his lawsuit and agree that he is a winner! It is obvious that Tisbury has violated due process yet again, and the taxpayers are going to suffer the consequences for shoddy leadership. Why does Tisbury think they are above the law?

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