Poetry by Mark Halperin


Retired dentist, part-time farmer, handyman, and poet Mark Halperin presents his new book of poetry, “In My Night School: Poems of Beauty, Darkness and Dreams,” at the Vineyard Haven library Thursday, August 29, at 7 pm.

Halperin has written poetry for 30 years, finding that it helps him navigate the world, “learning what is inside and outside of me. Allowing access to darkness and thereby seeing the beauty.”

His poetry serves as an intimate look inside himself as he addresses some of the darker elements of living — loss, insecurity, fear, along with love, beauty, and peace. Halperin retired from dentistry 11 years ago, and he often read poetry to his patients. Some of them responded with poetry of their own, most, he said, with gratitude for the poems he shared with them. 

Now days, Halperin spends part of the year in Boston, and the other on the Island where you can often find him at Ghost Island Farm. His presentation at the library will include some special elements. Cantor Louise Treitman will sing Halperin’s poem, “Effortlessly,” her sung version sounding much like a prayer. He’ll also prompt those attending to join him in writing a poem of their own. “Poetry is really what’s inside you,” Halperin says. “It looks at the dark side without running away from it.”


Mark Halperin discusses his book, “In My Night School,” Thursday, August 29, 7 pm, Vineyard Haven library.