Tisbury’s building problems


To the Editor:

The town of Tisbury certainly has its hands full with the management of its properties. Let me start with the school.

I don’t think I need to say anything more about that except good luck to the future leaders of the town.

Then there is the issue of the stone bank. What the fence? The town managed to get a financially solvent business to abandon the building because of an insane dispute about the roof. Now they are going to buy that building that is unsalable because of those same concerns that are totally the town’s doing, and “fix” the perfectly good roof. So after the town “fixes” the perfectly good roof, what are they going to do with it? How much is this going to cost me? Will I get to vote on this?

Meanwhile, the start of the school year is being delayed, and the kids are being bused to different places because the town did not have enough sense to tear down an unsafe building and build a real school. Excuse me — I wasn’t going to say anything more about the school, but I had to say at least that — sorry! 

Perhaps, after the town spends gazillions of dollars to put a really expensive roof over a perfectly good roof for cosmetic reasons, they could put the building and health departments in there, which have been operating out of rented trailers for years.

And then there was the decision to shutter the perfectly fine building at the waterworks and spend a few million dollars to put up a warehouse, complete with a full kitchen, lots of nice offices, a more than adequate garage, and showers for the water department employees, along with other nice amenities, on the other side of the street. The beautiful building at the waterworks on Spring Street sits like an abandoned building in some declining urban environment with plywood over all the windows decorated with beautiful fluorescent orange “Xs” spray-painted on them -— very classy. 

Speaking of “Xs” — there is another town building sitting vacant and shuttered with the same beautiful architectural motif (plywood painted with orange Xs over all the windows.) This one is across the street from the now unsafe Tisbury School. What is the deal with that? 

For all I know, the town has more abandoned buildings — perhaps they are trying to compete with the Halls? How long will it take for the town to condemn its own buildings? 

Believe me, I would find it a bit humorous if my taxes hadn’t gone up so much this year. At some point, it starts to seem a bit absurd. 


Don Keller