Teachers receive ‘Stop the Bleed’ training

Teachers get 'Stop the Bleed' training from the Dukes County Sheriff's Department.

Teachers and staff at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School received Stop the Bleed training from the Dukes County Sheriff’s office. 

Sheriff’s deputies, including medical staff, led 45 faculty members through hands-on training with Stop the Bleed kits. Stop the Bleed is a community-focused training program that teaches bystanders how to provide immediate medical aid to an injured person until first responders are able to arrive.

Those who completed the course learned the ABC’s of bleeding control: A, alert 911 and ask for bleeding control supplies; B, find the bleeding injury; and C, Compress the area with direct pressure. Using tourniquets, pack wounds, and other critical steps faculty learned how to manage a wound. The techniques are designed to be utilized in everyday life by anyone, of any age, without any prior medical training.

“The information you learn here today may be used to save someone after a shooting, yes; it may also be used in the case of an injury caused by a car accident, or for a student who cuts their leg badly on a piece of metal walking by a table. As educators, students and other staff may look to you as an authority in these scenarios, and these are the tools that give you a better chance at effectively saving a life,” Sheriff’s captain Greg Arpin said during the presentation.



  1. This is great, such an important training. Thank you teachers and Sheriff’s Deputies for everything you do!

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