Outraged by Dershowitz appearance


To the Editor:

As you know, I am an avid West Tisbury Library supporter.

I feel compelled to answer [Beth Kramer’s] letter in The MV Times. I am also compelled to send this letter to both Island newspapers.

I am OUTRAGED that you have scheduled Alan Dershowitz to present his latest book at the West Tisbury Public Library. It is an insult to all the other authors, musicians, and visual artists who present at the library. It is also an insult to the victims and families who have been wronged by the individuals defended by Mr. Dershowitz, the general public, and citizens of West Tisbury.

While we are all flawed, Mr. Dershowitz is an amoral, unethical self-promoter. We must as individuals and as a society stand up and against individuals who are destroying our democratic, polite society.

I sincerely hope that you will reconsider.

Judith A. Fisher, M.D.
West Tisbury