Council came through in time of need


To the Editor:

This spring I had a knee replaced at the M.V. Hospital. Everything went smoothly and with great competence, and all in all, was an event that couldn’t have gone better. Doctor Halsey and his assistants were great; the nurses and all the people I dealt with were caring and very efficient. My physical therapists were also awesome: Sarah from the VNA, and Larry Greenberg and Deborah Shipken of Greenberg Physical and Hand Therapy, got me moving easily and in a short period of time. The one thing I had never thought about was the equipment I would need when I got home, and there was a lot of it. A walker, a cane, a toilet seat riser with arms, and a couple of other items I can’t remember right now. Buying them would have been quite expensive, and I was figuring out where and how when someone suggested that I go to Howes House — Up-Island Council on Aging, which is located on South Road in West Tisbury across from Alley’s. I found out that the wonderful staff of the council had in storage all sorts of devices that they loan out to seniors, charging nothing for their use. Everything I needed was available there, and they happily lent it all to me.

I want to share my great experience with Howes House, and how thankful I am to have such a wonderful council right here helping the seniors of West Tisbury, Chilmark, and Aquinnah. Besides this great service, the Up-Island Council has all sorts of other things they offer: activities, trips, exercise and many other classes, and clinics of all sorts, to name a few. Now that I know how great the council is, I’m planning to take advantage of some of the activities available, and also to donate something to help them out. I hope to see some of you there!

Barbara Murphy