The Big Question: Regional elementary schools


Is it time for Martha’s Vineyard to think about regional elementary schools?


Absolutely, it is time to regionalize. I understand that families appreciate cozy, little schools, but all students and their families would be better served with regional schools.  

Financial resources would be consolidated. The overall costs of schools would be significantly reduced, fewer buildings (less space to heat, clean, etc)  fewer Principal salaries. Specialized staff would be right in the building vs. traveling between. Those financial resources could be better spent on instructional needs which would improve the overall education of each student. 

We are way past the time of efficiency and luxury of tiny , local schools. It is time to regionalize.

-Jeanne White 

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  1. Yes. It really is the only solution. Lower cost, better education. The only negative is for some more time on a bus.

  2. NO. Its creates another dysfunctional bureaucracy. If we can’t agree on the HS funding formulas, how in the world could we do it with elementary schools. We have a great school in Edgartown, and based upon the actions of the HS reps from OB and VH i have zero interest in them picking our pockets financially. Hows things working with the county commissioners? Another waste of $$. Millions pissed away due to lawsuits (former airport mgr, asst mgr). Its all about power with these people. Ill trust my financially astute elected officials in Edg to keep my tax bill in check. And same applies to regionalization of police… FORGET IT>

  3. This is a great idea, and should have the attention of any “study” moving forward. Dennis Yarmouth, and other schools across the commonwealth have intergrated 8th into the high school, and it has been a success. Bring 6-8 up to the middle school, with a new Superintendent office, and ‘next door’ there is a 9-12….Beter for athletics, as young grades would have new fields, each elementary would not need huge renovations as the school pop., is smaller, and build some school spirit….. That’s the way forward. D’Andrea and Dingledy need to step up and be real… uh.. leaders…Get on it.

  4. Absolutely not. No more dismantling of our individual communities. Big government is not better government. Regionalization also contributes to our ever-growing traffic issues. Keep children in their home towns where people often know their names. I also question the concept of grouping young people, all at the same basic stage of life, under one roof. Even in real life, intergenerational models are the healthiest. Young and old; leaders and learners; role models and followers. Besides, we now see where the RHS is now – embattled and divided. There are ways to share resources – curricula, educators, programs, etc. without any more dismantling of our local, unique communities. No, no, and no.

    • Sara, you must tthink that teachers won’t know the students names, or imply care about them? This is a very small island, and we need to start to share common resources, that being education. Bringing all of the educators together, and creating a common unit, by creating a middle school is not going to errode each unique community. That is simply odd to state. Look at the research, there is no proven “best model” or as you state, healthiest. The only aspect that a school needs is powerfully focused and careing teachers. the regional high school is in a mess because lack of quality leadership in the principal and superintendent. We would need a better visionary, but regional middle school would work well. I also don’t get your comment in ” question of grouping young people….same basic stage of life..” That is what is going on in schools: they aare called grades, and it is the dominatly accepted way to teach children in the United States.

      • Somehow you managed to miss every point I tried to make. We have different opinions and I stand by mine. Cheers.

  5. I would have knocked on the door of someone like Frank Lloyd Wright and asked if he had old plans or models up in the attic. Then make up a story about putting the school on Noman’s. That’ll get everyone to come together… talk and agree on a better idea.

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