Eric Voshell killed in Fall River shooting

Taunton man charged; dispute appears to be gang-related.


Updated Sept. 16 @ 5:20 pm

A 39-year-old Oak Bluffs man was allegedly killed in a shooting by a rival gang member at JC’s Cafe in Fall River Friday night, in a scene described in police reports as a “brawl.” 

Eric Voshell of Oak Bluffs died early Saturday morning at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, according to a spokesman for the Bristol County District Attorney’s detective unit and police reports. He had been shot in the back of the head.

While police declined comment on the motive, court records outline a confrontation between rival gangs the Sidewinders and Outlaws outside the Fall River bar.

Joseph “JoJo” Noe, 25, of Taunton, a member of the Outlaws, was arraigned in Fall River District Court Monday, where he pleaded not guilty to several charges, according to the clerk’s office. Noe surrendered to Fall River Police Monday morning with his attorney Rob Galibois at his side. He is being held without bail on four separate charges — one count of murder, two counts of assault of murder with a firearm, and one of discharging a firearm within 500 feet of building, according to the clerk’s office. A pretrial hearing is scheduled for Oct. 10.

According to a police report, Charles Cipriano, 36, told Fall River Police that he went to JC’s Cafe to meet several of his “brothers” (members of the Sidewinders Motorcycle Club). When he arrived, he saw five to six people, who, he later told police, were members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club and their girlfriends, emerge from the bar, where they were confronted by members of the Sidewinders, who had just rolled up on motorcycles. As Cipriano began to exit his car, he saw one of the Outlaw members preparing to swing a pipe at a Sidewinder, so he jumped in to shoulder-check him to the ground.

While members of both clubs were fist fighting, Cipriano heard five to six gunshots, according to the police report. 

Cipriano, who declined a Times request for comment Monday, posted a photo of Voshell on his Facebook page. In the photo Voshell can be seen wearing a Sidewinders motorcycle club vest. The Sidewinders are an affiliate of the Hells Angels.

Both Cipriano and Noe can be seen in Facebook posts wearing motorcycle-gang jackets. In Noe’s case, he has the name of his gang, Outlaws, tattooed on his neck. 

In a post about Voshell’s death, Cipriano wrote, “I’m still at a loss for words. My head is in a fog. I can’t believe [you’re] gone.”

According to the police report, Cipriano was covered in blood when police arrived, because he attempted to provide first aid to Voshell.

Police were called to the scene at about 10:25 pm Friday, where they encountered several members of the Sidewinders gang who were uncooperative, according to the police report. Others who spoke with police declined to provide their names for fear of reprisal against them or their families.

Eric Voshell, from a GoFundMe post in 2018.

Video from the scene obtained by police provided a timeline of the clash. At 9:25 pm, Noe was one of eight people to get out of two vehicles and walk inside JC’s Cafe. At 10:10 pm, he emerged from JC’s and several motorcycles pulled in and “appear to confront Joseph Noe,” according to the timeline. 

Jonathan Noe, Joseph Noe’s uncle, allegedly told police he had a bad vibe about what was happening at JC’s before the fight. He told police when he walked out of the bar, he was confronted by the rival gang. “When Jonathan exited the establishment, he began walking towards the parking lot at which time a male yelled out to him asking if he was an ‘Outlaw’,” according to the report. “Before Jonathan could even respond, he saw a male expand a baton at which time Jonathan was struck on the left side of his face near his eye.”

At 10:11 pm, “Joseph Noe is seen at the rear of his vehicle retrieving a black firearm and placing it in his right hand,” according to the report.

It’s at 10:12 pm that shots ring out. “Joseph Noe is seen running towards the bikers from behind and raises his right arm and a flash is observed,” the police report states. “After the flash you see two bodies fall behind a motorcycle. A large fight then breaks out in front of JC’s Cafe.”

Two other people — a Fall River man and a Bridgewater man — were also taken to the hospital. Both men were described in police reports as being uncooperative with the police investigation.

Police allegedly recovered a .38 Special Smith & Wesson revolver from the scene.

A separate incident involving Noe is outlined in the police report from Aug. 30. In that incident, Noe was at the bar and allegedly attempted to start a fight “to make a name for himself.”

In July of 2018, Voshell was airlifted to a Boston hospital after sustaining injuries in a motorcycle crash. Voshell is a member of the Oak Bluffs Fire Department.

Oak Bluffs Fire Chief John Rose said Voshell had not returned to the department from his injuries. He said he was stunned to learn of Voshell’s death.

“Everybody is sad and very shocked. He was a lovable guy that everybody was attracted to — everybody had fun with him in the department,” Rose said. “He was a guy everyone wanted to be around.”

The community rallied for Voshell and his family last September holding a fundraising spaghetti supper at PA Club in Oak Bluffs.

Rose said he has spoken to Voshell’s wife. No GoFundMe or charity has been initiated yet.

“We’re basically on standby to help them in any way we can,” Rose said.

Rose said he’s not sure of the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

“Just stunned,” Rose said. “There are no words.”

Updated with details from court records. George Brennan contributed to this report.


  1. So sad, and a lovely family… I can feel their tears. I remember putting a donation in a fireman’s boot downtown shortly after his motorcycle accident.
    It is interesting to note that the democrat mayor Jasiel F. Correia II is an American politician and a member of the Democratic Party, serving as the mayor of Fall River, Massachusetts. He has been arrested twice, on charges related to fraud and extortion, while in office. Perhaps that city needs new leadership to lower the crime rate there. Without acknowledging the problems, a solution can never be found.

  2. My deepest condolences to all of Eric’s family and friends. I only knew Eric in passing through work; but he always had a smile and a kind word. His lovely wife was a nurse to me during my pregnancy and he would often ask how I was doing, and would beam with pride when he spoke of his wife. I hope he rests in peace and that his family finds peace in time.

  3. Senseless murder. Gang member tryin to make a name for himself killing the member of another gang. You see this in movies, then find it really happens. The killer had a license to carry and the gun was legal.

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