Tisbury: Children’s voices


Heard on Main Street: the children’s voices saying, “Stop denying our earth is dying.”

Could you believe the numbers of youngsters trying to get our attention? Their world is being spoiled, and we seem to be doing little to prevent that. 

You can salute Jo Ann Murphy this evening, Thursday, Sept. 26, at her retirement party from 5 to 8 pm at the P.A. Club in Oak Bluffs. Feel free to bring a potluck dish, as the community and our veterans honor one of the Island’s genuine service providers. 

For a second year, the Nobnocket Boutique Inn has donated a percentage of the inn’s revenue from bookings during July to support the Island Housing Trust. Simon Hunton handed a check on behalf of the Mount Aldworth Road inn for $1,700 to the IHT director this month. 

Thanks to the SSA board for not just asking for help, but also taking the professional advice offered to make the future boat trips safer and less likely to suffer the problems we all complained about over the past few years. Now we can fuss about the rate hikes, while they get the boatline back to the reliable service we’ve enjoyed for years.

It would also be nice to have the Owen Park bandstand sturdy enough so that the band can play there safely. But we need to worry about a few other things as well. 

A good friend and a real friend to the Vineyard Haven library died last summer after moving off-Island some time ago. Years earlier Nan Carter ran a quilt class that just kept on meeting, for over 30 years. The Thursday Night Quilters didn’t get the news until recently. We don’t read the papers often in the summer, but were pleased we could donate to our library in her memory.

 It is fun to learn that some Tisbury voices are found in Linsey Lee’s latest volume of “Vineyard Voices.” These published voices are in their own words and include Elmer Silva, Jean Baer, Emily Coggins, Grace Scarano, and Tom Thatcher. Linsey has been collecting oral histories of Vineyarders for over 25 years. She has gathered remarkable tales of everyday life, saving them for all of us. Linsey will will tell you more at the Vineyard Haven library on Tuesday, Oct 1, at 7 pm.

The special town meeting is necessary for our town to prepare to make the school safe for children. We need to pay attention, and choose our way carefully. It will cost more than it would have done a few years ago, but needs to be done. This is the kind of thing our kids are complaining about. We adults have not been listening, nor have been doing what needs to be done in our town. 

Sara Barnes will talk about the Martha’s Vineyard Mediation Program at the Baptist Church on Spring Street at 1 pm on Tuesday, Oct 1. The mediation program encourages residents to resolve conflicts through mediation and work with lawyers to relieve congestion in the county courts. The Neighborhood Convention welcomes all to this program. Bring a sack lunch. 

Congratulations to my daughter and her husband: Laurel and Kevin Olson mark 20 happy years together today. Happy anniversary to Joe and Susan Canha, who I believe will celebrate their golden anniversary on Saturday. Congratulations to Sofya and Sandy Nadelstein on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, our good wishes go to Jane and Chris Chandler, and also to Bob and Lynne Benson. 

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out tomorrow to Kathy Ivory. She’d love a card at P.O. Box 1665, 02568, even if it is belated birthday wishes. She is celebrating a special birthday, and getting better all the time. 

Birthday balloon wishes also go out to Jason Lew, Ashleen Marie Cafarelli, and Eric B. Davison tomorrow. Happy birthday to Tristan Israel on Saturday. Many happy returns to Julie Immelt Whelden on Monday. 

Heard on Main Street: the children’s voices saying, “The climate is changing. What are we waiting for?”