Whritenour is finalist for Bourne position

The Oak Bluffs town administrator has been with the town for the past eight years.

Oak Bluffs town administrator Bob Whritenour, shown here at the town’s 2019 annual town meeting, is looking for a venue for this year's meeting. — Gabrielle Mannino

Updated Oct. 2

Oak Bluffs town administrator Robert Whritenour is one of three finalists for the town administrator position in Bourne, according to the Bourne town administrator’s office.

Whritenour, who is credited with overseeing the town’s emergence from financial turmoil, has been with Oak Bluffs since September of 2011 where he began as interim administrator before being appointed as town administrator in February 2012. Whritenour is now in the fourth year of a five-year contract he signed with the town in April 2016. According to the town’s 2020 fiscal year budget, Whritenour’s current salary in Oak Bluffs is $158,333.

Reached by The Times Wednesday, Whritenour declined to comment.

Bourne’s current town administrator, Thomas Guerino, is stepping down from the position after 14 years on the job. Each finalist will be interviewed by the Bourne selectmen on Oct. 5. The Bourne town administrator position is being offered at $160,000, according to Bernard Lynch of Community Paradigm Associates, LLC, who is doing the search.

Oak Bluffs selectmen chairman Brian Packish told The Times Whritenour notified the board when he applied for the job. Packish called Whritenour’s pursuit of the Bourne job “bittersweet,” saying he appreciates what Whritenour has done for the town, but wants to see him continue to succeed how he sees fit. 

“Bob has done a really great job helping us navigate some extremely challenging financial issues,” Packish said. “It’s a great opportunity for Bob. He lives on the Cape and it would let him spend more time with his family.”

Finding a new town administrator would take some time, Packish said, but if the time came the town would be ready.

“The town is on good financial footing and staffed well,” he said.


Updated to add no comment from Whritenour. — Ed.


  1. Robert Whritenour has done a great job in Oak Bluffs, I remember the year he started speaking at Town Meeting about the towns financial problems and how to fix them, and he did fix them. Coming across on the ferry everyday must be exhausting, I hope he gets the job and gets to spend more time with his family. This is yet another example of how important it is to have affordable housing on the island.

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