Dunn’s made the Vineyard better


To the Editor:

An Op-Ed by Sam Dunn deserves attention (“Stewardship at its worst,” Sept. 25), and gets mine. Having lived here year-round more than 30 years now, I know how many interesting, worthwhile improvements to year-round living Sam has either been involved with or created. Thirty years ago you couldn’t go to a Film Center with huge, and comfortable, capacity to see the latest and best movies, but a decade ago Sam helped get that put in the Tisbury Marketplace. There had been some bowling in decades past, but not quite what the Barn Bowl & Bistro has become for the many who love to bowl, and those of us who enjoy a good meal out.

Now Sam is thinking about the huge need for housing (as are many), and making his case for property he co-owns. Let’s see what might be done about that; we all surely agree housing is needed — a young Vineyarder had a plea for it in the same paper.

Sam clearly pursues “Where there’s a will there’s a way,” so let’s see what it is. He’s so energetic, did you know he even found time to write a book about how to play golf faster?


Leigh Smith
Vineyard Haven