Cribbage Results


On Oct. 9 at 6 pm, the Vineyard Cribbage Club met at the Portuguese-American Club in Oak Bluffs. Twenty-three players showed up to compete in the weekly tournament. Six games are played, with two points for a win, zero for a loss, and three points for a skunk (a win greater than 30 points).

The results were as follows: First was Ron Ferreira, Oak Bluffs, with a 11/5 plus 80 card; second was Tony Rezendes, West Tisbury, with a 10/5 plus 13 card; third was Bo Picard, Vineyard Haven, with a 10/4 plus 45 card; fourth was Mary Alice Russell, Vineyard Haven, with a 9/4 plus 18 card; fifth was Dan BenDavid, Oak Bluffs, with a 9/4 plus 4 card; sixth was David Pothier, Oak Bluffs, with a 8/4 minus 25 card; Kathy Kinsman, West Tisbury with a 8/3 plus 62 card; eighth place was Robert Hakenson, Oak Bluffs, with a 8/4 plus 12 card.

The group as a whole had 13 skunks, and a total of five 24-point hands.

Our next tournament will be on Wednesday, Oct. 23, at the P.A. Club at 6 pm.

The doors open at 5:30, and if you can play a game in 20 minutes or less, come by and check us out!