Don’t put a bounty on deer


To the Editor:

People are going to kill because they like to and they can. That’s what hunting is; but to put a $100 bounty on deer is tragic and wrong. The powers that be have so vilified deer that the neurotic among us are growing stronger. Their fear of Lyme disease is infectious and dangerous.

It’s like saying, “I’ve got poison ivy growing up a tree out back — so I took the tree down.” Ticks have been here a long time. You learn to walk the woods and fields intelligently — by going over yourself and your pets, by using tick repellent, and by dressing sensibly. Get tested and treated if needed — my dogs and I have, several times.

Don’t promote killing deer through fear and rewarding it with cash. We return to the time of wolf bounties, jackrabbit roundups; toward the slaughter of the passenger pigeons. Perhaps we should just build a wall — to keep nature out. God help us and the poor deer.

Susan Jones

Vineyard Haven and Chilmark


  1. Don’t hire people to do a service for money… got it.
    By the way where can I find someone to do this? Sounds like a great deal.

    • I could probably give you a list of people who would do that. It would, however, be just as illegal as this bounty is. You simply cannot have private citizens funding bounties on a public resource. That would be the decision of, in this case, the MA Division of Fish and Wildlife. There is probably no arguing with people who are so afraid of a treatable disease that they would pay people to kill something that belongs to neither of them. I would also point out that history has shown that bounties generally do not succeed in the eradication of a wildlife species, as, for example, the American wolf. I would suggest that poison is the only way to achieve this. I will leave it for another time to talk about the irony of poisoning a species into extinction only to re-introduce it a century later then have to again initiate their killing because the re-introduced wolves have, again, become a problem to some people. If it is now up to private individuals to deal with a problem as they choose, by all means, have at it, but at least be effective about it. Of course, in my opinion, it won’t eliminate ticks or tick-bourne diseases because there are plenty of other hosts, but I’m not a scientist.
      Lest anyone think my opinion on this has anything to do with the taking of a deer’s life, let me assure that venison is the primary source of protein in my diet.
      Anyway, c’mon boys….it’s commercial deer season!

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