Daylight Saving Time ends


It’s time to turn back the clocks as Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday, Nov. 3. So don’t forget to turn the clocks back (those that aren’t automatic) before you go to bed Saturday night.

The good news is it will be lighter when you get up in the morning. The bad news is that sunset will come a whole hour earlier.


  1. while some may think this something to just out up with, it can be rectified. If Massachusetts , Maine and new Hampshire all agreed to switching to year round Atlantic time, we would not have to endure this travesty of darkness. it would save millions of dollars in electric bills, increase the productivity of the working day, and just to humor some of you out there, it would make eastern new england great again.

  2. MV should switch to Atlantic time, at the very least. We’re far enough east that it would make a ton of sense.

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