Edgartown gets state cybersecurity grant


The town of Edgartown was selected to participate in a Cybersecurity Awareness Grant Program.

The program will make end-user cybersecurity training, assessment, and simulation tools available to town employees. Tools are administered by the Massachusetts executive office of technology services and security and ProofPoint, a security company. 

“Overall, all the employees are going to be updating tasks in terms of their cybersecurity training, our cybersecurity protocols, as well as our responses to threats to the network,” town administrator James Hagerty said.


  1. cool! I wonder if this is just training or if the town will get money/help implementing technologies to improve their security posture. Password policies are worthless anybody authenticating into a system with protected information should at the very least be using some sort of multi factor authentication. Ideally something like Duo which enforces better security on employees personal devices. Least privilege access model and a zero trust network would greatly increase posture, however probably overkill for small town. Maybe they’ll offer pen testing to the town website, I’m sure godaddy would love that :).

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