The Big Question: New Stop & Shop?


Is it time to reconsider allowing a new Stop & Shop to be built in Vineyard Haven?

YES. YES. YES. Get us out of the current 3rd world supermarket.

– Peter Muldowney


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  1. It was always a good idea. Those that disagreed had financial or political reasons to do so. I’ve yet to hear a single rational argument against the last project.

  2. I dont have a problem with it. Its very unintrusive. I can hardly see it getting off the boat. They want a super store with all the features including a pharmacy. Now that would be a spectacle I dont want to see.

  3. How about a big Stop & Shop in the airport business park, with updated store at 5 Corners on the same footprint? Still convenient location to pick up essentials when you get off the boat, and good for foot traffic from downtown VH. Stop & Shop could have on-island warehouse and remove the trailer from the parking lot. Need something from the “big” Stop & Shop but don’t have wheels or time? Place an order online or in VH store and pick it up later. No pharmacy, no bank, no Starbucks inside. VH has two pharmacies within a mile radius. That’s enough.

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