Airport welcomes a Global Striker


Martha’s Vineyard Airport has a new fire apparatus called a Global Striker. Made by Oshkosh Airport Products, the Global Striker came with a $696,642 price tag, 90 percent of which was paid for by the federal government, according to Deputy Airport Director Geoff Freeman. Massachusetts contributed 5 percent to the purchase price, and the airport contributed 5 percent, he said. 

The Global Striker holds 1,500 gallons of water, 450 pounds of dry chemical, and 210 gallons of class B foam. Cannons on the bumper and roof can each shoot these substances at 750 gallons a minute. Class B foam has become infamous for PFAS, yet is still an FAA requirement. In order to mitigate the environmental damage from the foam, Freeman said, a special ecological system was added to the apparatus for an extra $30,000. The system lets airport firefighters essentially pretend, and dispense water instead of foam for federally mandated training, Freeman said. Foam is only used for an actual fire, he said. 

The Global Striker arrived in early September, but still required further outfitting, manufacturer’s training, and in-house training, Freeman said. In-house training is ongoing. The apparatus is expected to enter full service in mid-December. The county airport commission unanimously approved the purchase of the apparatus in December 2018


  1. I dont know. Im aware the Feds have run up another trillion onto the debt in the last 4 months. I hope its worth it.

    • redsox– it only matters if the feds are running 3 or 4 trillion dollar a year debts when democrats are in office. If a democrat takes the presidency next year, Moscow Mitch will immediately call for draconian measures to reduce the irresponsible spending– like environmental enforcement, health care and infrastructure investments..

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    But perhaps the right wing nut case media could persuade some of the right wing nut case conspiracy theorist on this island that George Soros paid for this vehicle to suppress true “patriots” who would rather spend our money to deport hard working Brazilians rather than protect us from “fake fires” that will never happen.

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