Lower drug prices needed


To the Editor:

Please lower our drug prices. It’s so sad that the people who are profiting are the drug companies’ CEOs. Time to give back to the people!


Susan Stephenson
Vineyard Haven


  1. Do you have any idea what it cost to get a drug approved by the authorities, the research and development involved and the failed trials involved in bringing something to market. It is not the cost of the ingredients but the regulatory, the patent protection and the failure rate in exploratory and basic research that cost a lot of money. You also have generics and if you do have insurance, most companies will allow generics and indeed urge you to buy them. Yes, a few drugs are very very expensive because so few people need them but even then you can often get support. My Humana medicare advantage allowed me to get Epipen this summer for 40 dollars when the base price is more than 300 dollars. Yes, with no insurance sometimes it can be expensive. The Stern School t NYU surveyed 185 pharma companies and found the average net profit of 14.5 percent but that is skewed due to a few who have 30 and 40 percent profit for specialty drugs. 14 cents on every dollar sold might seem a bit high to some.

    • Forty dollars for an Epipen is great. So is forty dollars for a subscription to the MV Times. Hope everyone will subscribe, especially those of us who like to comment so frequently in these pages.

  2. Jackie I am not going away. Someone has to keep the wrong side in check. If I were gone it would be a huge echo chamber of groupspeak here and since I am the only conservative(a few others but not many) I have to subscribe.

    • Andrew, in the world of decency, morality, and ethics, supporting the corruption and lies of DST and his administration puts you squarely on the wrong side. People who know right from wrong do not respect the excuses people like you make for a lack of decency and honesty.

      • Jackie it is not the lies that Trump makes that concern you and liberals. It is the truth that he says that really bothers you. When he says s–thole countries he tells the truth but its not accepted to speak that way in polite company. When he says he says Mexico sends us illegals who are criminals and rapists and some good people he is telling the truth and everyone knows it. When he says MG13 are animals he is telling the truth and everyone knows it. When he says it is not safe to be in the womb for a black baby he is telling the truth but liberals dont want to hear it. 36 percent of all babies aborted are black and black women make up only 6 percent of the population. When he says Baltimore is rodent infested and corrupt he is telling the truth. When he says the major cities run by Dems for 50 years are filthy and crime ridden and bankrupt he is telling the truth. You are not upset at his exaggeration and lies—we all knew he was like that many years ago. You hate him because he tells the truth on so many levels. The elites on both coasts dont know anyone who voted for Trump. Please define morality and ethics for me. I would like to know what the standard is and where we get it.

    • Andrew, I enjoy your steadfast debate tactic with Jackie. She reminds me of a phonograph needle stuck in one groove forever. Hate Trump, Hate Trump, Hate Trump.

      • Andrew, I just started reading Scott Adam’s (Dilbert creator) new book “Loserthink”. You will love it, and more importantly, you will understand it.

      • Geno–talk about a stuck needle– anytime anyone points out that trump has committed yet another crime, another fraud, told another lie, betrayed his wife and the value and honor of the United States, ignored and violated the mandates of the constitution, betrayed the trust of the office of the presidency, promoted racist agendas, mocked “gold star” parents and persons with disabilities, pardoned convicted war criminals while firing career servicemen who think the U.S military should have some moral standards, and undermining nearly every institution this country has, YOU repeat the right wing phonograph needle stuck in one groove forever that the only reason people criticize trump is because they hate him. What a pathetic mantra. The left dislikes trump because of what he thinks, does and says.

        • Trump saved us from a Hilary Clinton presidency and for that alone one day they should build a memorial to him similar to the Lincoln Memorial.

        • Yes its what one is ”thinking” that should be under threat of impeachment or imprisonment. It is not the ”doing” that the left finds undesirable but indeed the ”thinking” Trump ”thought” about a quid pro quo but didnt act on it but that is enough for Schiff and the Gang. This is the equivalent of ”all women should be believed” Our corrupt Capitalist society should be replaced by a Soviet style wherein ”all sisters get earrings” or ”we will pretend to work if you pretend to pay us”. I was born in a Soviet society and escaped from one and as recently as 1994 even after the Wall fell, you had to go two miles to buy a chicken with foreign currency in a city like Moscow. Communism by definition is corrupt—it is a tautology, but our capitalism that gives you 3.5 percent unemployment is not good enough. You cant make this up.

          • Trump did indeed act on the quid pro quo. Where have you been? He did not “think” a quid pro quo. The White House “transcript” of the phone call with the president of Ukraine admits and proves Trump did indeed tell Zelinsky he needed a “favor, though” in response to Zelinsky telling Trump how important and necessary were the defense arms. Attempted bribery isn’t a “thought”, it is crime and a quid pro quo, whether or not it is carried out… you, like attempted murder is a crime, or attempted robbery. (Attempted rape is also a crime, but it is not punishable if you are a white male with connections.) Attempt to bribe a foreign government is an impeachable offense– according to our Constitution. And there is enough corroborating evidence tht this is exactly what your guy did from actual honorable people, (not Guiliani, not Trump) who prove the quid pro quo and were witness to it. And then of course there is the cover-up of the crime, the obstruction of justice. The only reason the money for Ukraine was released, after being fully approved, was because after Trump withheld it in his attempt at bribery, the WH was informed that there was a whistle blower on this impeachable crime. The WH knew there was solid evidence of a quid pro quo, so the money was released to Ukraine. Duh, nice try, Andrew. Making up garbage about “thought” of a crime should be beneath people who support a corrupt liar, but apparently nothing that is abhorrent and disgusting, illegal, immoral, and wrong about the corrupt “chosen one” is unacceptable.

            And as long as you’re off-topic about chickens in Moscow, no need to leave the Vineyard to get scammed for a lousy, overpriced chicken. From Aquinnah, you have to go 10 miles, one way, to the nearest grocer to pay too much for a chicken, while being told (fooled into believing) you’re getting a deal at 20% off the price (a price that was raised by 25% on an already expensive bird). And, you only get that “deal” if you agree to tell the owner and all his employees your source of income and hope it’s okay with him! Makes Moscow chickens look downright appealing. Viva capitalism, viva captive markets.

          • Andrew– there you go again. Deflect and distract. I never said anything about communism being better than capitalism. Read my comment again– The fact that capitalism breeds endemic corruption does not mean that I support communism or that it is not corrupt. You might as well say I support the catholic church and their pedophile priests . I haven’s said it. never will.
            If trump hadn’t asked for “a favor” perhaps I would believe he was not asking for a quid pro quo. He said it… He also plundered his “charity” for personal gain- why is he not impeached for that ? That is a crime– he did it. He paid off stormy Daniels, and then lied about it– he did it. Clinton got impeached for lying. You whine about the witnesses at the impeachment hearings, yet the republicans got to call many. Trump ordered his cronies to ignore subpoenas.. is that not obstruction ? He did it, said it, ordered it, intimidated potential witnesses as well as actual ones in real time. He did it.
            What do you think the odds are that he will appear before congress and defend himself under oath. He is supposedly some sort of “great leader” yet he cowers before the likes of AOC.

  3. I am sure this letter is written with the best of intentions. But, the fact is , we live in a corrupt capitalistic society. Capitalism encourages corruption, in which the ceo’s, the already wealthy and the well connected exploit the labor of the working class. it is not only drugs, it is literally everything..

    • Capitalism is the unequal sharing of success, socialism is the equal sharing of misery…Winston Churchill. Oh, and don’t use Norway as a shining example of socialism…they have 5 million people and a 1trillion dollar sovereign fund accumulated entirely on the extraction fossil fuels….the shining examples of socialism are Venezuela, Cuba, DRNK, Russia, etc.

  4. Jackie and Dondondon :There is a constitutionally significant difference between a political ‘sin,’ on the one hand, and a crime or impeachable offenses, on the other. Even if there had been a quid pro quo exchange, the president’s actions do not constitute a crime or an impeachable offense. You both really need to understand the law rather than repeating the CNN and MSNBC talking points. There likely will not be a House vote because they now know that the Schiff hearings were a nothing burger. Finally if there is a vote and it goes to the Senate, I would love to see Schiff take the stand and Hunter and Nadler and Sleepy Joe and the other Senator candidates running for Presidency who wont be allowed to leave DC and campaign due to being stuck in a trial. Bring it on.

    • Andrew, it is desperate to go from saying Trump was “thinking” about the crime(s) he committed to now saying, “well, his actions are not impeachable”. Beyond this sort of desperation, is the ridiculousness of the Republican lies. Defending the indefensible is not a good look.

      • Jackie I did not say Trump was thinking about a quid pro quo. What I said was that Schiff and the leftist gang believed he was thinking about it and thinking about it is a serious crime as everyone knows. Your ”desperation” comment in psychology is known as projection. I am not desperate in my comfort that Trump will be there for 5 years, Ginsburg will be gone and the court will have 6 conservatives. You and your lot are indeed desperate that this could happen and cant fathom how any one of the 63 million could ever vote for such a man. Dems desperation which mirrors yours leads to imprudent attacks on Trump and inexorably makes him stronger. I will bet 1 dollar that the House will not impeach because of a weak case.

        • You said, Andrew, and I quote you from above: ” It is not the ”doing” that the left finds undesirable but indeed the ”thinking” Trump ”thought” about a quid pro quo but didnt act on…” Who said anything about Trump only thinking a quid pro quo, except you? No one on the left, right or center has said that. You made the whole thing up. Trump admits he said what the transcript says, makes public the transcript, and has corroborating evidence that this is not some wishful thinking invented by the left. Your quote, that YOU wrote, says you believe Trump thought about the bribery but did not attempt it, and that (in your dreams) you say that’s what the left is banking on to impeach. Nice try, but it is you who projects. Why don’t you stick up for what Trump admits he actually said in the phone call with Zelinsky? You can’t. Ergo, your desperate posts.

          While you’re at it and so sure of yourself, why not explain how evangelicals support so much sin and want someone so corrupt and sinful in power? Even if you think bribery of a foreign government is fine and dandy, what about the pillaging of his own charitable foundation, stealing the money supposed to go to vets so he instead could commission two portraits of himself? I almost feel sorry for you, Andrew.

  5. Andrew, would you not love also to see Nunes and Barr take the stand? You can be sure that they would say that they, like all good Red Shirts, were just following orders.

  6. Bulkington I don’t know which red shirts you allude to.The Red Shirts were white supremacist paramilitary terrorist groups that were active in the late 19th century. Red Shirt groups originated in Mississippi in 1875, when Democratic Party private terror units adopted red shirts and threatened Southern Republicans. These groups acted as “the military arm of the Democratic Party,

    • I’m sorry. I meant the brown shirts, being those who swore an oath not to their Country, nor even to a party, but to a single person. As the single person is infallible and cannot be held accountable to those who elected him, his rule is absolute.

      • Bulkington. Presidents can have any attorney general they wish. Trump picked Barr who had been attorney general back in 1991 long before Trump arrived on the scene. Was Eric Holder Obamas attorney a ”Brown shirt”? Was Janet Reno, Clintons attorney general a ”brown shirt”? If Trumps rule is so absolute and unaccountable how come he is in such a predicament today?

        • Trump is in the predicament he is in largely due to two factors. The first is that he used my tax dollars to extort a foreign country in an effort to destroy a political opponent. I am sure one may spin this to say that he did nothing wrong. The second is that his supporters, elected officials, can not shield him much longer from what too many others from within his own party say he did. “And the L-rd spoke unto Rick Perry, saying, there is one among you who is perfect and blameless, without sin. Go forth and preach the word. To challenge Trump is to challenge The L-rd.” Believe it or not, I was a life-long, straight-ticket, Republican voter – until Trump. The Brown shirts are those who live in fear of him while supporting him without question. (When Obama first tried to push healthcare, he was defeated by challenges within the Democratic party. What is now called the Republican Party has not the nerve, the fortitude, to question the authority of what they have created – a dictator.
          He is quick to fire anyone who does so, if that person can be fired. Those he cannot fire he claims never to have really known. Many swear loyalty, absolute, unswerving loyalty to a person. As some have done on this very thread, they will rationalize away all of the king’s many faults so that he is and always was blameless. He is just being misunderstood. The Republican party has created the first American Reich.

        • “how come he is in such a predicament today?”

          Because not everyone is gullible enough to get caught up in the magician act that is donald trump.
          His presidency is classic don’t worry about what this hand is doing,just keep watching this one…

  7. Jackie there was no bribery and no treason and even if there were a quid pro quo it is not impeachable. Evangelicals do not support sin. Evangelicals are sinner just like all of us. You cant resist taking a shot at Evangelicals so I will simply say that throughout scripture we see God using imperfect people for the sake of his mission. Abraham -Was old. Elijah – Was suicidal. Joseph – Was abused. Job – Went bankrupt. Moses – Had a speech problem. Gideon – Was afraid. Samson – Was a womanizer. Rahab – Was a prostitute. Samaritan Woman – Divorced. Noah – Was a Drunk. Jeremiah – Was young. Jacob – Was a cheater. David – Was a murderer. Jonah – Ran from God. Naomi – Was a widow. Peter – Denied Christ three times Martha – Worried about everything. Zacchaeus – Was small and money hungry. The Disciples – Fell asleep while praying. Paul – A Pharisee who persecuted Christians before becoming one. Much of this is in your Tanakh (Torah, Nevi’im, and Ketuvim, meaning Law, Prophets, and Writings, respectively.) But you must know this. God has Trump there for a purpose. For the judgment of our Godless lawless country. Trump will the take the judgment as well.

    • I’m sorry you are unable to explain why you support the degradation of everything our country has stood for. The most desperate people, (just like Jim Jones’s followers and Scientology zombies), become cult members desperate to believe anything, no matter how silly, evil, pathetic, or just plain wrong. Did you know Jeremiah was actually a bullfrog? Joy to the world.

      • Jackie I do not belong to a cult. Evangelical Christians are not a cult. If they were a cult then Judaism is a cult because Judaism is the precursor of Christianity. Jesus was a Jew. You don’t believe he is the Messiah but we do. You are still waiting for yours. 63 million people don’t think there is degradation in the US and more than that in 2020 will indicate no degradation , indeed improvement. Go to Isaiah 53 in your Tanakh and read about the coming Jesus.

        • Andrew, the only thing I am waiting for is my laundry to finish drying. What was the name of Don Jr’s new book? You know, the one that the RNC spent 100k to buy in bulk– not to mention all the other Republican groups buying it in bulk– so that it would appear on in the NYTimes (that failing newspaper) Best Sellers list. Oh, that’s right, TRIGGERED. Cheaters cheat, liars lie, and cult members are always obedient cult members, especially when they are triggered.

        • Andrew– the definition of cult : a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.
          There are many definitions of the word “cult” , and the the thing they all have in common is the devotion to an individual.
          You in fact do belong to a cult, as do I. There is nothing wrong with that– We all have to believe something– It would just be nice if you could admit it. Then you might get a little more respect from people who disagree with your radical opinions.

    • I’m sorry Andrew, but trump is the most godless and lawless president we have ever had. Perhaps he is here at the behest of the Devil ?

      • “There was no bribery, no treason, and even if there were….”

        This is how Andrew attempts to defend evil, sin, and the indefensible. So many in the conservative party that used to claim to have a claim on family values have sunk to the depths of the white, fanatical religious nationalism Andrew exposes, comment after comment.

          • Bulkington, I am so glad you are reading the Old Testament and learning about the Kings who did evil in the eyes of the Lord. In the verse you post, David is pretending madness at the request of the Lord so that He-God can get David out of the mess he is in. Keep reading Samuel and Kings and Chronicles and learn how God is faithful to those who obey Him and punishes those who do not.

    • Andrew– the 7 dwarfs that lived with snow white all had problems too . I guess that’s double proof that trump is not guilty.
      I agree with Jackie– Jeremiah actually was a bull frog.. with a speech problem and perhaps a drinking problem. I wonder where he got his wine ? Perhaps from jesus ? I have heard he could whip up a batch of “mighty fine wine” in a pinch. But you are correct about one thing– Jeremiah was young for a while… Or did he stay forever young ? Anything is possible if you want to believe it badly enough, I guess.
      Even that trump is a better president than Lincoln.

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