Big Question: Metal roofs


Fire could consume the State Forest in 85 minutes. Would you support an Island-wide change in building codes to require all roofs to be metal?

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  1. That’s a big nanny government suggestion. Its a lot more sensible to maintain a sufficient ‘defensible fire perimeter” around the state forest to prevent the spread of a wildfire. Or use common sense and clean up the flammable brush in the state forest. There are lots of developments that actually require wood shingle roofs all over the island. And what good is a metal roof if the house has flammable wooden cedar shingles as siding, and the home is surrounded by dead trees and brush on the property. On the rare occasion of a fire, put a sprinkler on your roof. If your roof has ‘class A fire rating asphalt shingles’ they are classified as ‘effective against moderate fire exposures’. We can’t protect against hurricanes, but being pro-active CAN be effective against these fires.

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