Alleged scratch ticket craving leads to handcuffs

A man was arrested for disorderly conduct in Tisbury Tuesday after he allegedly became agitated when a store clerk couldn't immediately sell him a scratch ticket. — Lexi Pline

Tisbury Police arrested a man outside Xtra Mart for disorderly conduct on Tuesday after he allegedly became agitated when Xtra Mart employees delayed selling him scratch tickets so they could finish a shift change.

Detective Bill Brigham and Officer Nick Sidoti responded to Xtra Mart just before noon Tuesday and found a man later identified as Edvaldo Dias Desousa next door to Xtra Mart who fit a description previously given to police, a report states. Desousa allegedly refused to give his name or provide identification to the officers. 

“‘I don’t need to give you,’” the report alleges Desousa said. The report noted that during his encounter with police, Desousa was becoming angry and loud. Desousa alleged to police an Xtra Mart clerk “was being racist against him,” a report states. After Desousa was transported to the Dukes County jail, Sidoti informed Bigham that Desousa allegedly refused to identify himself to Dukes County Sheriff’s personnel “and was just generally being uncooperative,” a report states. Desousa was eventually identified. It was then found Desousa allegedly had an active warrant. Sheriff’s officials could not immediately provide details on the outstanding warrant. 


  1. Just for the record–
    Refusing to identify yourself is not a crime..
    being un co operative is not a crime.

  2. I want my Golden ticket Now!
    Anyone who goes to ExtraMart will likely encounter a shift change at some point. When that happens No sales are made of any kind until the shift has changed. It only takes a minute. The longer you harass the staff the longer the shift change takes. Get a grip on yourself man

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