MVC closes Barn takeout window hearing


Martha’s Vineyard Commission (MVC) commissioners closed a public hearing, but left the written record open, on a proposed takeout window project at the Barn Bowl & Bistro in Oak Bluffs.

The takeout window is a modification to an approved kitchen addition that has been built, but is not finished.

“We do a small amount of takeout business, but it’s extremely awkward,” Sam Dunn, a Barn co-owner, said, citing confusion while people pick up their food inside where people are dining in.

According to Dunn, the Barn does an average of 12 takeout orders a day. In a memo to the MVC, the Barn hopes for an increase in business, but expects the takeout window could handle a five-fold increase.

Several abutters sent letters to the commission in opposition to the takeout window, citing encroachment on the neighborhood, noise issues, and disregard for MVC restrictions and guidelines. 

“Please protect us homeowners and the rest of the neighborhood,” Diane Streett wrote.

“I strongly urge [the MVC] deny the applicants’ request for a takeout window and to hold them accountable for failing to adhere to the requirements and restrictions that have been placed on them over the last several years,” Peggy Barmore wrote.

With the hearing closed, the written record was left open until Dec. 12.


  1. I’ve gotten take-out there many times, and it is indeed awkward going in and hovering around the door – a window would be great. Either way we’re parking and walking in. People really need to lighten up.

  2. Whatever can be done to make dining a more reasonable cost on the island, we need more take out windows, food trucks and the like.

  3. I only hope the MVC sees the light. I am mentioning only one of the reasons there should be a take-out window.

    Many workers are forced away from the Barn for a much needed take-out order because of their appearance. No conscientious tradesman wants to go, or can go, into the Barn with glue, paint, sawdust, etc., on their person to grab a take-out order because they may not have had time to pack their lunch on a particular day.

    Ordering takeout from any of the towns’ main areas during the summer is impossible. If one has forgotten to make their lunch, or did not have time to, and cannot afford an hour to go get their take-out order, the Barn’s proposed take-out window is perfect. In and out quickly. Location, location, location.
    Bring on the window for those who build your island.

    And by the way, the Barn is a godsend for so many people who can now get out of their house and have an enjoyable experience for a couple of hours. Any time of year, especially the winter. The kids love/need it. Companionship, camaraderie, fun, health. Long gone is the ugly stigma of the bowling alleys from the 1970s. No more smoke, darkness and seediness. Thank goodness.

    I think the MVC should transform this take-out window idea into a much-needed reality.

    Sam/Bob/Barry/Mike; best of luck.

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