Road closed after it ‘washed out’

A portion of Lambert's Cove Road in Tisbury washed out. While DPW crews work on it, the road has been closed to traffic. - Rich Saltzberg

The town of Tisbury is closing a portion of Lambert’s Cove Road in the area of Smith Brook after it was washed out in Monday’s torrential downpours.

“We’re closing it until we can get a structural engineer to evaluate,” town administrator Jay Grande told The Times. “It’s completely undermined.” 

The town is closing the road out of an abundance of caution, he said, noting that there is more predicted rain for the area, which could further undermine it.

The town is urging motorists to find an alternate route around that area until it can be fixed.

DPW director Kirk Metell told The Times a motorist noticed a small sinkhole on the road shoulder earlier in the day. When a crew came out to investigate, he said they found the roadway was deeply undermined. An adjacent culvert is slated for replacement, he said, so the work done to shore up the road will be temporary. Tisbury Police will close Lambert’s Cove Road from Smith Brook to Lower Makonikey. 

Rich Saltzberg contributed to this report. – Ed.


    • Those “overpaid leeches” protect you and your family 24/7. Do they really need to stand there to block the road? I think a few signs and barricades will do the trick. I’d rather have the “leeches” on the road ready to save a life like they always are. Back the blue

        • Bart you have outdid yourself on this one. I am impressed that you personally inspect every road your family vehicle could potentially go down, as well as making sure no drunk drivers are on the road who could cross that thin yellow line and kill your loved ones. Do you also insure that your family has safe food and make sure that any plane, boat or train your family may get on is safe? Good for you for being Superman

    • We could look at this more positively. DPW crews were out there in the cold trying to fix things so that everyone remains safe. It’s not an easy job.

    • Bart– I am a bit surprised that George will let you call the police “overpaid leeches”, but I can not call whining conservatives “snowflakes” — go figure.

    • bart– perhaps the police were at the roadblock at the end of the road informing people that the road was closed, so they didn’t have to drive to the place being worked on and then turn around. What would the police do at the worksite ? But you seem to have some sort of a problem no matter what they do.

  1. Bart-you always have such witty comments-you are right of course-not a single Tisbury officer in sight=-probably writing parking tickets up around Owen Park !

    • Thank you for your kind words, and I’m glad my comments make you smile. But I just get so angry at this completely mismanaged Tisbury Police Department!

  2. Maybe Mr. Nichols would volunteer his time ? Vineyard Haven police department……. Maybe the officer on duty just ran to extra mart to get coffees for the actual workers while the picture was being taken?

  3. I’m just glad I live in a town where my tax dollar is spent wisely on public safety and on the boys in blue. West Tisbury- Best police department on the island hands-down. Proactive in it’s community.They dont just park a cruise outside of its school but actually go in the school interacting with its community and its children daily. Just one of many examples .

      • WTPD does seem to be well run, if a li’l aggressive with the ticky-tack revenue stops & search ‘requests’ of every country junkie on the Old County Rd.
        But I wouldn’t have a problem with Chief Mincone leading the regionalized MV police, which IS coming.

        • You’ll never see an all-island regionalized police force here. We like what we have in Edgartown. One only has to look how things go with the MVRHS, MVRD, or MVC to see why it would never be accepted in my town. Maybe TPD with OB or the up-island towns, but it would never benefit Edgartown and the taxpayers would NEVER approve it.

          • Not new, what makes you so sure Edgartown voters would NEVER approve it?
            I live in Edgartown and I welcome the idea of a regional police( and fire) department.
            And I know of a good amount of Edgartown taxpayers who welcome it.

          • @ Fielding Mellish. I know a good amount of Edg taxpayers who want nothing to do with any further regionalization of anything, since we are always the one subsidizing the other towns. And, despite any proposed ‘savings’ by eliminating multiple Chiefs, the regional force would become ‘top heavy’ with lots of highly paid ‘brass’ such as Leuitenants, Sergeants, Captains etc so it could actually become more expensive. Community policing is accomplished when officers have a dialogue with residents and that would be impossible with an island wide force. Also, different departments seem to concentrate on various aspects of law enforcement. You don’t see Edgartown as a ‘welcome wagon’ hiding in the bushes with radar as the speed declines from 35 to 25… as in other towns.. no thanks!

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