Ferry cancellations continue into Sunday

The SSA warns that some ferries could be canceled on Wednesday afternoon into the evening. – MVTimes file photo

The following trips on Sunday 12/15/2019 have been canceled due to weather conditions.

M/V KATAMA 5:30 am Vineyard Haven to Woods Hole

The National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory from 1 a.m. until 9 p.m. Sunday, December 15. Winds of 20-30 mph, with gusts up to 50 mph, are forecast. Service disruptions are possible.

The Authority urges travelers to check their website before leaving home.

Current Conditions may be viewed at http://www.steamshipauthority.com/traveling_today/status

For more information, please call 508.548.3788 or 508.693.0367


  1. We seem to be stuck with mechanically unsound and fair weather only vessels.
    The next time the issue comes up as to the design of a new ferry we should go to the meetings and demand an electric low profile ship that is reliable.

  2. What makes you think that electric means reliable? Whereas a deisel may have a bad fuel filter, and electric motor may have bad brushes. (in a corrosive environment thats a given) Many of the multitude of problems have been with propulsion systems or a stuck door, all of which are required on an electric powered ship.

    • not new– If we are just talking about propulsion, electric motors are much more reliable than diesel. To start with, they have fewer parts.
      Environmentally speaking ,They do not need toxic fluids to keep the engines cool, they do not need much if any oil to keep them lubricated, and they do not need thousands of gallons of diesel fuel that diesels require. In short, there is a substantial reduction in hazardous materials that could be spilled into the water.
      Economically speaking, maintenance cost are generally lower and in the long run, they will be more economically feasible. There are no long term studies because it is relatively new technology , but it is pretty clear that they are cheaper over their useful lives.
      Electric boats can also balance the weight more evenly below the water line, thereby making them more stable. And let’s not forget, that reducing carbon emissions may actually help the weather.
      Of course, there are some things that are just plane stupid, like designing very tall boats. The last few boats built for the ssa have been ridiculously tall, big sails– we don’t need 10 ft tall ceilings on every level.
      And while I am on the subject of low profile vessel and stability, perhaps we could get one that took passenger vehicles only. Not every boat needs to have the capacity to accommodate a full sized semi.
      I think an electric passenger car only vessel would be a wise choice for their next purchase.

      • Its not just propulsion. (and i didnt include the fancy rudder/steering mechanicsm that would be required for either that seem to have failed recently on the new boat)The battery technology is not ‘there’ yet. And electricity must come from somewhere; usually from nuclear or fossil fuels such as cheap natural gas, coal, or oil. So its more of a ‘feel good’ proposal than anything else. Until there is viable battery storage for windmill or solar generated electricity, thats all it is. And batteries, whether via their production or disposal do contribute to the carbon footprint and waste stream. As such, its not a ‘given’ that electricity is ‘more economically feasable’ when all is factored in. I agree a lower design would be make the boats less susceptible to the winds that are common here.

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