Smith Brook site on Lambert’s Cove Road worsens


Workers discovered another sinkhole at the Smith Brook work site on Lambert’s Cove Road. An adjacent culvert is thought to have collapsed. Tisbury has brought in heavy machinery and now hopes to finish repairs before 2020 begins.

“On Thursday, December 19, 2019, the contractor brought heavy equipment, pumps and material over from the mainland and began excavating the trench for drainage repairs [in the] late afternoon,” Tisbury town administrator Jay Grande emailed. “The existing culvert is blocked and believed to have collapsed. The existing culvert is [buried] to a depth of approximately 10 feet below the road surface. The groundwater level is just 4 to 6 feet below the road surface at this time and needs to drop further before the contractor can uncover the existing culvert and make repairs and replace the culvert and headwall at Smith Brook. During the excavation another sinkhole was found under the roadway. Pumps are installed and reducing the groundwater level. Eversource has responded with equipment and personnel to remove vegetation and to securing utility poles and power lines as this work proceeds forward. One travel lane will be opened later today to emergency vehicles only. The road closure will remain in place. The drainage construction work is anticipated to be completed just after the new year.”

When The Times went onsite Friday afternoon, a much larger pump than the one originally used was at work. On the far side of the road, the vegetation on the brook slopes was coated in ice; a steady spray of water shot into the brook. An excavator was at work, as were several workers with shovels. 


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