Great journalism for less than peanuts

To the Editor:

I became a paid subscriber to The MV Times this week. For decades, receiving a free copy in the mailbox was a given. When being asked to start paying for it, I understood the impulse to balk. However, at the end of the day, local journalism is too valuable an institution to let fade away, especially in a community like ours. By subscribing, I opted to become a shareholder and do my part to keep the institution alive. I hope others will do the same. To keep things balanced, I bought a subscription to the Vineyard Gazette, as well. I figured the total cost would be peanuts. However, when I did the math, I realized I was in error. The combined price tag for both papers is $1.55 a week. A can of salted peanuts costs $3.49. So, the price of sustaining local journalism is actually peanuts — compared to peanuts.

Julian Wise
West Tisbury