Oak Bluffs police finds missing person


Updated Jan. 1

The Oak Bluffs Police Department have found Catherine Todd, 26 of Oak Bluffs, who went missing early Tuesday morning.

Todd was last seen on Thursday December 26 at 5:30 am in Oak Bluffs, but has since been found.


Updated to say Todd was found. — Ed.


  1. With the person concerned having been located by law enforcement, what community interest and legitimate news purpose is being served by its continuance to be published? Hasn’t the family suffered enough without the MV Times maintaining this story to rack up story clicks?
    Re-examine your responsibility to the community.

    • Hi James.
      It’s the policy of most news organizations never to remove posts from the web- they act as a public record. The post is no longer viewable on the landing pages.

    • James, I don’t understand your objection. I assume they published this in the first place to help spread the word. Then updated it because people are concerned when someone is missing and hoping the person will be found safe. There are no salacious details or implications.

  2. Both of you have missed my point. My appeal does not rest on embarrassment issues or medical disclosure laws, it is that responsible newspapers can no longer justify its inclusion, whether it is a “landing page” or kitty litter box liner page.
    It is unethical and irresponsible journalism for a paper to actively list a story that serves only to subject the missing, now found, person to the harassment and intrusion from persons who may believe they are “still at large”.
    There is no longer a justifiable public interest or purpose in publishing this story.
    It still remains a searchable public record, held by public authorities. The MV Times is not the keeper of official government records. And as such, are free to respond in individual cases to the needs of the community. Particularly that person who was sought.
    With no criminal charges filed, no compelling public interest remains.
    And Jamie, the MV Times is not “most news organizations”. You claim to be, “The Martha’s Vineyard Times is an independently owned weekly community newspaper, published by The MV Times Corp. on the island of Martha’s Vineyard”.
    So, with this “independence”, why don’t you start responding to the communities needs? Particularly of its most vulnerable citizens.

    • I thought you weren’t going to pay for your “kitty litter box liner” in 2020, James? Or just more bluster? And, the MV Times does a great job as a community newspaper and resource. Step off your milk crate, stop clutching your pearls, and count the nickels you’re saving by keeping your free Gazette — where you can enjoy the land of milk and fake honey.

    • James, a search by the police is news and a matter of public record. I can see why the paper would not want to remove articles selectively. There are cases where doing so would get them accused of favoritism or trying to bury evidence. Islanders, in particular, are very quick to assume everything is a conspiracy, so I don’t think it would take long for that to snowball if they changed their policy. I would agree with you if this person’s privacy were being violated, but I think they kept it as brief as possible and that what is searchable does not harm her reputation.

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