Oak Bluffs: Welcome 2020


Welcome 2020 with good intentions and kind thoughts. As at other times, the start of a new year always brought hopes of peace for our world, and now it seems as if those wishes were in vain, as the headlines of papers everywhere bring us news of the possibility of more violence and even war. What the answer is I do not know. Do retaliation and diplomacy work? Sometimes, but it always brings a risk of more violence. New Year’s Eve was relatively quiet, and most everyone felt that more people are celebrating with friends at their homes, rather than seeking the bright lights and music at restaurants and clubs. The birds are once more flocking to the feeder for seeds and suet, and what a variety of species and color it brings to my yard. As we have for many, many years, our group of friends had an early dinner at a local restaurant — only now the group that used to be 12 or 14 now consists of seven. But we all carried on and celebrated life with friends still here, and the wonderful memories of friends that we have lost.

The Alpine and Hudson Avenue area had a power loss on Saturday last a little after 4 pm, due to an accident on Barnes Road that resulted in a truck rollover and split electric pole. Thankfully no serious injuries, but for the second time in the past few years, I was napping in my recliner when the sound of my Lifeline alarm going off when we lost power woke me up. Unfortunately for me, however, my chair is a power recliner, so I was unable to lower the chair to get out and assure the Lifeline rep that I was fine. At least this time I did not try to go over the front of the chair and tip it over, but it was a YouTube moment. Thanks to EMS, fire department, and highway personnel, and of course Eversource workers, the power was soon restored.

On Dec. 28, our family welcomed my first great-granddaughter to the family, making eight great-grandchildren for me. Aiyanna Elizabeth Sue Gibson was welcomed by many cousins, her proud parents Talia Rogers and John Gibson, her grandmother Mary Alley, and her three brothers, Isaiah, Eagan, and Noah. Right now her brothers and the dog Chance think she is pretty special, and there is no doubt that as she gets older, she will still “rule the roost” over all these boys.

We send cheers and rapid recovery wishes to Eric deBettencourt, who is recovering from recent surgery in California. Family and friends are sending get-well-quick messages all the way to the West Coast to this popular young man.

Oak Bluffs library’s Piano Parlor is held every Thursday from 2 to 4 pm. Piano players can sign up to serenade the library for up to 30 minutes each. Stop in to play a few pieces, or simply enjoy the performances by very talented patrons. Dancing is optional. Piano Parlor and all piano programs have been made possible by the generous donation of a Steinway S (c.1953) baby grand piano by the Dooley family in memory of Thomas Dooley Jr.

Radio Games with WMVY will be held on Thursday, Jan. 16, from 3 to 5 pm. Join Laurel Redington in this afterschool program for children ages 8 and up, with games designed to bring out your unique voice and help you communicate effectively.

Director Rose Cogliano wants to remind Oak Bluffs seniors that thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Oak Bluffs Council on Aging, the bowling program at the Barn Bowl & Bistro in Oak Bluffs continues. Every Wednesday, Oak Bluffs seniors may bowl and have lunch at the barn for only $10. The difference between that cost and the usual cost of $20 has been covered by the friends.

Community Suppers at the United Methodist Church Parish House in Trinity Park started on Jan. 4, and will continue through March 28. There is one seating only, at 5:30 pm. These meals are free for all, so come sit down to a hot meal and join with others for an evening of great food and fellowship.

Monday night at the movies at the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse will bring movie fans three more great movies this January, including “Broadway Melody of 1940” on Jan. 13, “Cover Girl” on the 20th, and “An American in Paris” on Jan. 27. All movies start promptly at 7 pm for $5, cash only, at the door.

Please add the name Joan Svetz to the list of Oak Bluffs residents who left us during 2019.

Members of the Oak Bluffs Council on Aging birthday club who celebrate birthdays this month are Mimi Robinson on Jan. 7 and Sheppie Moore on Jan. 14. We send birthday smiles to Brenda Leonard on Jan. 10, grandson Sam Alley and Richard Cobra Jr. on the 11th, Jack deBettencourt on the 12th, Shamus Kelly on the 15th, and Jessica Peters and Chris Pantalone on the 16th.

Enjoy your week. Peace.