Katama cleared for service

The MV Katama was expected to return to service Friday, but failed sea trials on Thursday. - Rich Saltzberg

The MV Katama has been cleared, and returned to service Saturday, according to Steamship Authority spokesman Sean Driscoll. The return from repairs was delayed by a day.

The MV Katama underwent sea trials on Thursday with a U.S. Coast Guard inspector onboard. It did not pass. The vessel required additional repairs, according to Petty Officer Zachary Hupp. He was unable to specify what those repairs were. The vessel had been expected to re-enter service on Jan. 10. It went out of service on Dec. 23 with a steering malfunction, and was sent to the SSA Fairhaven facility for repairs. Since then it had not returned to service.

In a message to The Times, Driscoll wrote, “The Coast Guard requested additional reinforcement of the Clevis pins that secure the hydraulic ram.”