GPS tracks alleged scammer crossing Bourne Bridge

Mason Buddy, left, and his attorney Matt Jackson, right, outside Edgartown District Court Friday afternoon. — Rich Saltzberg

Octogenarian Mason Buddy, who allegedly swindled an elderly Vineyard woman out of $25,000 with a sham investment proposal, was late for an appearance in Edgartown District Court Friday morning. 

During the first and second courtroom calls of criminal cases, Buddy was a no-show. Buddy’s attorney, Matt Jackson, told Judge Benjamin Barnes he believed Buddy was en route aboard a Peter Pan bus from Salem. However, a probation official told Judge Barnes he had a note indicating Buddy was hospitalized in Boston. Judge Barnes requested Buddy be located via his GPS tracking device. 

Upon learning of a court date Buddy missed in June 2019, Judge Barnes ordered him to wear the tracking device at his last court appearance in Edgartown in December 2019. On Friday, another probation official later told the judge Buddy was pinged crossing the Bourne Bridge. Buddy eventually entered the courtroom shortly after noon. After a short and uneventful proceeding, Buddy exited the courtroom. Present in court Friday to watch Buddy’s appearance was Clarence (“Trip”) Barnes III. Buddy allegedly rooked Barnes out of a vintage automobile. Buddy is scheduled to be back in Edgartown District Court on March 13.