Oak Bluffs: The silence of late January


A few samples of snowstorms and cold temperature, and yes, January has definitely arrived. Now when I watch the bird feeder, I not only see all the birds flocking to get their treat, but I can see deep into the bush and trees, and spy other birds patiently waiting their turns to feed. The woodpeckers of all sizes and types seem to enjoy the suet the most. But chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, Carolina wrens, and others fly in perfect rhythm and with no collisions to eat their fill. An occasional hawk is spotted circling the sky, but apparently they have their eyes on larger prey, as they make no attempt to swoop down and capture the birds. Amazingly enough, the squirrels seem to have disappeared. Perhaps it is a squirrelproof feeder after all. 

That noise you are not hearing is the silence of late January. Many people have left the Island for winter quarters in warmer climates, stores and restaurants have closed until spring, and one of the main social centers here in Oak Bluffs will not reopen until April. Linda Jean’s, the go-to place for good food, to meet up with friends, and be especially welcomed by staff, is one of many places now closed for the winter. But we are grateful that good old reliable Reliable Market still welcomes all comers with smiling greetings, groceries they need, and friendship. How lucky are we?

Island Grown and Middletown/Oak Leaf are presenting a Regenerative Backyard Gardening series where you will learn practical tools to transform your yard into a food-producing, carbon-sequestering, regenerative paradise. The first program is at our Oak Bluffs library on Jan. 25. All classes run from 10:30 am to noon, and at this first one in Oak Bluffs, you will learn the 10 essential steps to regenerative gardening. The Edgartown library will be hosting part 2 of the series on Feb. 8, and Chilmark on March 21. All classes are free; for more information, email noli@igimv.org

No. 4 in the Climate Solution for the Vineyard Series continues at the Oak Bluffs library with the subject “Beyond Fossil-Fuel Homes,” on Saturday, Jan. 25, at 2:30 pm. There is no fee for attending this series. 

Would you like to have coffee with Oak Bluffs Police Chief Erik Blake? Head to the Oak Bluffs Council on Aging on Friday, Jan. 24, at 10 am, and sit down and enjoy coffee and conversation with Chief Blake. 

There will be a Social Security Video Display Program on Monday, Jan. 27, at the center from 9 am to 12 noon. 

There is still some interest in starting a Men’s and Ladies’ Poker Group here at the COA. A few ladies and gentlemen have expressed the desire to meet with people who would like to play. Please call Rose if you would like to play also. 

The Island Wide Youth Collaborative, a Massachusetts Family Resource Center, is holding a meet and greet potluck supper on Tuesday, Jan. 28, at the Martha’s Vineyard Community Services building D in Oak Bluffs. The supper takes place from 5 to 7 pm, so bring a dish to share and learn about the many resources and upcoming programs being planned. For more information, call 508-693-7900, ext. 406. 

The Oak Bluffs School winter fundraiser on Saturday, Jan. 25, takes place at the Loft, not the school, from 6:30 to 10 pm.
We send birthday smiles to Joe Peters and Megan Klein on Jan. 24, Wayne Barrett, Julia Bettencourt, Madeline Alwardt, and my great-grandson Eagan Gibson on the 25th, Caroline Davey on the 27th, Michael Perry III on the 29th, and Mike Giordano, Barbara Spain, and Jarek Peters on the 30th.

Enjoy your week. Peace.