The Big Question: Trip Barnes


Should Trip Barnes’ license to sell used cars be tied up over a zoning dispute about rented rooms?


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  1. Absolutely not. Why would anyone step on such a dedicated and devoted vineyard native? It would be a criminal act to do so…..

  2. No. And there is nothing in the State Licensing Laws or Town Licensing Bylaws (or even on the application, for that matter) preventing him from having the dealer’s license. He presented his bookkeeping as required. The Town of Tisbury is ILLEGALLY withholding his dealer’s license. Shameful.

  3. Do NOT mix building code violations with a Used Car License. Moreover, why is the Town of Tisbury not giving him more leeway to bring his building up to code after all he has done for this Island and the town of Tisbury.
    Maybe no good deeds go unpunished ……. for real.

  4. If his property is unsafe for human habitation then how can the outside be safe for sales of any kind. It’s a dangerous junk yard and is unsafe. Clean up your act, your house and your car sales business. Trip is now selling a camper with a sign stating ” for affordable housing “. Illegal to live in a camper in all 6 towns. Yes, they are tied together.

  5. Its a government just ‘flexing their muscle’. The car license has nothing to do with alleged zoning violations in a rooming house.

  6. Separate issues. However, housing a fire trap is a legitimate issue unto itself and no hectoring about being a samaritan (while raking in $4800 a month) should give anyone a free pass on that.

  7. Two different issues. The town should not break the law!!!! Mr. Barnes should be allowed to sell cars.

  8. Shameful behavior. I would like to know who the selectman was who is driving this so I could vote him out of office.

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