Tisbury deep-sixes sailboat

This sailboat has been condemned by the town after it its owner could not be located. - Rich Saltzberg

Tisbury has condemned an abandoned 28-foot sailboat. The vessel was found dragging its anchor last summer, and taken to a temporary mooring, according to harbormaster John Crocker. Subsequently, the harbor department was unable to locate an owner. Crocker said the sailboat has no hull number, and the registration number had been painted over. The harbor department asked the commonwealth to attempt to locate who owned the boat, but nobody could be found, Crocker said. Just recently, state paperwork came in authorizing the town to dispose of the vessel. As of Monday afternoon, the sailboat was at the R.M. Packer Terminal waiting to be crushed and hauled away. 


  1. Take the mast off, attach an outboard and the Harbormaster would have brand new boat for free! Ultimate in recycling!

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