Gosnold detox center will continue to serve Islanders


Gosnold, Inc., detox center in Falmouth will continue to offer Islanders detox beds as long as they are assessed by a Vineyard medical center, according to a press release.

In an agreement between Gosnold, Inc., and Martha’s Vineyard Community Services, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital (MVH), and the Island Health Care Community Health Center, the health agencies agreed to work together to guide placement and transportation to the off-Island facilities.

According to the press release, an average of 90 placements per year have been made since the start of the program in 2017.

In addition to detox placement, the memorandum of understanding between Island agencies and Gosnold, Inc., states that any patient scheduled for admission will be offered the opportunity to be accompanied from the Island to the facility by a recovery coach, according to the press release.

“Transportation from the Island to a mainland facility involves physically passing liquor stores, bars, and places where drugs are readily available, which increases the potential for relapse,” the release states.

Denise Schepici, CEO of Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, was quoted as saying, “Continuing access to this much-needed detox program is a result of collaborative efforts and innovative problem solving, and I am encouraged by the collective and continued commitment to care for Islanders in need.”


  1. Gosnold is a huge lifeline to recovery. We need it. If you need to chaperone someone to Gosnold you are the first step in someone’s path! Thank you for all the work you do. P.S Do not send some one to Pembroke. That facility does not give the love that Gosnold does..

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