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To the Editor:
I came across quite an eye-popping story about China recently.

The story was covered by the New York Times, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, the Huffington Post, Forbes, and various other so-called “liberal media” sites.

Here are the first two sentences, as reported by the BBC: “Nondegradable bags will be banned in major cities by the end of 2020 and in all cities and towns by 2022.”

“The restaurant industry will also be banned from using single-use straws by the end of 2020.”

That’s quite the story.

Yes, China is banning plastic bags and straws — not just in a little town, but in the entire country of about 1,380,000,000 people.

I looked to see if Fox “news” covered this story. Nope. In fact, I could not find any so-called “conservative media” sites that covered this story. Perhaps some did, but I found none. “EL Rushbo” himself did not mention it, and most notably, the current occasional resident of the White House, who profits by selling plastic straws for $1.50 each, had no comment. All these people and organizations, as well as local conservative commentators on The MV Times site, have been consistently mocking any effort to eliminate anything plastic. On this Island, our schoolchildren are criticized and deemed “brainwashed” for taking the lead to ban any kind of single-use plastic items by right-leaning commentators on the MVTimes website.

So here is the hypocrisy: Any time there is a discussion about eliminating plastic waste, we hear from the conservative side about the folly of it all. Not because it’s such a bad idea, but because “India and China are the problem.” What are the conservatives to do now that China has taken the lead on this issue? How can they blame China for our failures now? We will likely hear from the “conservatives” that China won’t really do it, or that it’s “fake news.” And, of course, they will still blame India for the world’s ills.

But what about India? I fully acknowledge that India has some environmental problems. In fact, the Ganges River, which flows through India, is the world’s sixth largest single source of plastic going into the ocean.

They could do better, and capture some of that plastic waste before it enters the ocean.

But let’s look at reality.

The U.S. allows approximately 242 million pounds of plastic to leave our shores and get into the ocean every year. That sad statistic places the U.S. as the 12th largest polluter of the world’s oceans. India, as a whole, is somewhere below that. That’s right, India, with more than four times the population of the U.S., puts less plastic into the oceans than we do.

Every “conservative” I talk to also thinks that India is the problem with carbon dioxide emissions, mostly because they burn huge amounts of coal.

They deny the facts. India has nearly a billion more people than the U.S., yet it produces less than half the total carbon dioxide emissions of the U.S. (India produces 7 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions; the U.S., 16 percent.) The U.S. burns 70 percent more coal than India does. (India burns 8 percent of the world’s coal, while the U.S burns 13.5 percent.)

So I have a question for conservative readers here: When will the party of “personal responsibility” quit blaming others, stand up, and take some responsibility for their willfully ignorant and irresponsible opposition to anything that is good for the planet? Unfortunately, I suspect, not too soon.

In the meantime, I am proud of the children of this Island, and indeed around the world, who stand up to a generation of “adults” who display apathy, willful ignorance, and utter disrespect for the health and well-being of their generation. Speaking directly to the future leaders, I encourage you to continue to take the lead to try to create a better life for yourselves and future generations. When criticized, disregarded, disrespected and dismissed, I suggest you double down on your efforts, think “OK, boomer,” and keep your eyes on what is right.

Settle for nothing less than the respect your entire generation deserves.

Don Keller
Vineyard Haven


  1. The writer is the one being brainwashed not the kids on MV. In the next 11 months non degradable plastics used by 1.3mm people will cease? Give us a break. The ban applies to “non degradable” plastic bags, tableware, and other plastic packaging, You have to replace the plastic with something else and it encourages the use of biodegradable plastic for those products. But compo stable plastic only breaks down successfully in industrial composting facilities. In China, there are few facilities to do this. China is going to be flooded with single-use biodegradable plastic all over the place in the next few years. Propaganda and thought work began in the Maoist era and had a number of distinctive features, such as “ideological remolding” or “thought reform”, ideological purges, ritual humiliation of ideological opponents, an emphasis on political study to raise levels of awareness of the current line, and targeting high-profile individuals as symbols of negative tendencies which must be eradicated. . Pollution is just one of the items on the propaganda hit list. Anything that might shed some light on policy failures, social ills, or even the personalities of the country’s leaders is liable to be altered or suppressed. China and the former Soviet union invented propaganda in order to keep their own people in line and create foreign admiration. I did business there in 1973 under Mao and have visited there on business many times. Mr Keller would be wise to not believe anything that comes out of China. Maybe the persecuted and imprisoned Uighurs are only in a summer camp.

    • Trump-cult supporters don’t get to say who is brainwashed. Well, they can say it, but they sound ridiculous, like repeating hoax, hoax, hoax often enough it will become real (to them). What is altered and suppressed by Trump, not china, is what is of concern to decent Americans. Trump has shred not only environmental protections for our country and the world, but the Constitution itself. Trump invited China, Russia and anyone else who can interfere in our elections to do just that, and Andrew is is not concerned. The growing fascism of Trump and his worshiping servants is what happening. The ideological thought reform, particulary of the religious right, has followers in its talons, making excuses for their dear leader. Andrew would be wise not to believe anything that comes from Trump, but if the caged children didn’t wake him up, nothing will. No Andrew, separating babies from their parents and putting children in cages in this country is not summer camp. Don has it absolutly correct. Andrew couldn’t be more wrong in his thinking and out of any realm of reality.

      • In Iowa, the party that claims to be devoted to science and technology demonstrated that it couldn’t count to 10. Serious meddling in the caucus results from the party that claims Russia intervened. After weeks of false accusations being made on the Senate floor, Trump’s job approval rating in Gallup polling has soared to 49 percent, the highest it’s been since he took office. Trump should ask Pelosi to impeach him again. They failed on impeachment and they hurt themselves. Liberals express themselves with great bravado and certainty and claim to know exactly what the temperature will be a decade from now, but have trouble with what will happen next week. Hundreds of economists the week before the 2016 election quoted “Trump’s statements reveal a deep ignorance of economics. He promotes magical thinking and conspiracy theories over sober assessments of feasible economic policy options. … If elected, he poses a unique danger to the prosperity of the country. For these reasons, we strongly recommend that you do not vote for Donald Trump’’’ These elite signatories included a dozen Harvard professors and a some Nobel Prize winners, Their confident predictions are as useless as bill of impeachment or an Iowa vote count. That vote count still ongoing brings up the interesting possibility that a 38 year old gay man/child from South Bend Indiana could move into the White House in January 2021 with his husband a coffee barista as ‘’first gentleman’’. NOT! Or perhaps the new tenant will be a socialist who honeymooned in the Soviet Union. Pelosi, worked her teeth with lips and tongue– her fidgeting countenance alive with fury and ripped up the speech. You Dems didn’t just try to impeach you wanted to REMOVE and you failed miserably. Who do you have to beat Trump? The serious Dems if any are left have to be saying this isn’t working for us. Angry and unhappy they are just as Jackie is always.

        • Andrew– don’t you tell me to stay on topic ?
          Why don’t you write a letter to the editor about the impeachment ? if you did , you can be certain that I will comment on it.
          My letter above is about taking responsibility for our waste.
          we have talked about the impeachment, and about how spineless senators know he is guilty as charged but don’t care.
          The debacle of the Iowa caucus has nothing to do with plastic in the oceans. trump embezzled millions from his charitable trust before the authorities shut it down. He paid off a porn star that he had sex with while his illegal wife was recovering from the birth of her anchor baby.
          Let’s keep on topic , Andrew–
          George take notice– we often drift during debates here, but rarely does one come in on a totally different topic with such an ideological rant.

          • dondondon. If you look at the time and date of the posts you will see that Jackie went off topic before I did and then you go off topic again in recent post.. Your tireless searching for facts and statistics missed that one. No one cares about bottles in whales and caged children whatever that means. You incessant rants about trivia on the margins like MS13 protections and votes for felons and phones for illegals and bathrooms and marijuana for everyone is useless. No one cares. They care about taxes and jobs and judges and babies and protection from crime and borders. That is why you will lose again because you have no one with gravitas except Bloomberg and AOC and Ilhan and Taib will kill that nomination. Your party is adrift and now you want more subpoenas. America is laughing at you and your small mindedness, your anger and your sadness.

          • andrew– once again you are stating untruths about me.
            I have never commented on this forum, or any other forum about “ms 13 protections” whatever that means . nor have i ever said anything about phones for illegals.
            I take it that you got my e mail that Bloomberg is my # 1 choice.
            Your political predictions are not always on point, you know.. You after all, did write the infamous “Hillary wins” letter to the editor here– talk about fodder for the liberals here. I have also never said I wanted more subpoenas. You consistently lie about me, But you have no shame. But to your point about who goes off topic. Again, you blame others for your bad behavior. What about “be best”, Andrew? Don’t you think you have the moral superiority over all the ignorant “commoners”? You can do better.
            And again– please quit lying about me.

        • “That vote count still ongoing brings up the interesting possibility that a 38 year old gay man/child from South Bend Indiana could move into the White House in January 2021 with his husband a coffee barista as ‘’first gentleman’’.” ~Andrew
          Sounds a lot better than a 73 year old fake billionaire, racist, malignant narcissist man/baby with a trashy porn model, plagiarist, racist, liar wife who needs a stylist so she can dress herself. Be Best when you go off-topic, Andrew.

          • Andrew lies about me also, Don, says I support abortions at 9 months, for instance. He belittles all efforts to combat the environmental dangers to our earth with untruths and disdain for environmentalists. Antarctica hit 65 degrees yesterday as glaciers continue to melt. Andrew’s claim of “no one cares” is about him, but if he stitches those words on a jacket, I’m sure Melania would be happy to wear it.

    • Andrew– First, please read what I write before you comment –I have asked you politely a number of times to not misrepresent or misquote me — I wrote “Nondegradable bags will be banned in … all cities and towns by 2022.” Your comment ” In the next 11 months non degradable plastics used by 1.3mm people will cease?” is not a coherent response to what i wrote, as that is not what I wrote. Also, may I correct you on your mathematical notation ? 1.3mm works out to 1.3 trillion people. There are not that many people on the planet, let alone China. Proper notation is 1.3tm . Also you obviously know nothing about the advances in chemical engineering that are at work in the biodegradable plastics field. Smart people in the world of chemical and biological reactions have solved the problem. We need only to have the will to implement the solutions.
      I will admit, however that your summation of “Propaganda and thought work ” has been very effective over the last few years. Just 3 years ago, no one would have imagined that the State of the Union address would include a reality show style photo op to give one of the country’s most prestigious awards to a xenophobic , homophobic, misogynistic racist because he was being paid a million dollars a week to spread the very propaganda you speak of.

      • dondondon. I know everything about plastics and chemical engineering. I first sold plastics in 1970 and ran research and development facilities run by scientists from 1978 on. Feel free to ding me on 1.3 billion not properly noted. Biodegradable is not all its cooked up to be since most of them still hold their shape after 3 years and still hold groceries. Researchers question whether “the oxo-biodegradable or biodegradable formulations provide sufficiently advanced rates of deterioration to be advantageous in the context of reducing marine litter, compared to conventional bags. You can research that one also while you are digging up constitution shredding.

        • Andrew– you say you know “everything about plastics and chemical engineering”?
          do really think that even one reader of that comment will not laugh at your hubris ?
          And you worked with “scientist” ? That’s really rich , Andrew.

          • Andrew also knows nothing about Pete Buttigieg’s personal life, but that didn’t stop him from telling a judgmental lie about it. Mayor Pete’s husband is a beloved teacher who has his Masters in Education. I believe nothing that comes from Andrew.

        • Your boast of what you say know from the 70s is laughable. No one will believe a word you say about anything because you can’t tell the truth in any reliable way. You make things up as you go along, and then assume no one will be the wiser or bother to check.

        • Andrew– And Jackie ( in reply to Jackie’s comment feb 7 7:28 pm )you say you know everything about plastics,and claim that you “first sold plastics in 1970 and ran research and development facilities run by scientists from 1978 on.” It would seem that if that were true, there would be some trace of you on google. After all, you have claimed to have been the ceo of a fortune 500 company. Perhaps you have only made that claim to me, but you have made it. So, if you in fact were the ceo, or perhaps cfo or the guy in charge of bs of a major chemical company, one would think that somewhere , somehow, you would be able to be found on the internet as a really great executive. Now, you know, I do some pretty thorough research .
          I did some on you– yes, of course i know your last name, and some details about where you claim to have been and who you have worked for .
          i can find nothing about you — your boast about “knowing everything” should come up somewhere. A guy of the stature you claim should have won some awards at the least . There should be something in the financial sectors about you being promoted to such and such a position or something you did that benefited someone . There should be some trace of something of significance about something you did to “earn” the millions you claim to have.
          But I can find nothing. In fact, the only return of any significance I can find is the article published in the my times years ago about you and i possibly getting along.
          How is that possible. Andrew ?

        • Andrew, you know everything about chemical engineering? I must then hand it to you. I found Orgo to be quite daunting, and that was just one of many hurdles early on that nearly tripped me up as an undergrad. Whew! I sweat just to reminisce. The longer I practice the more I become aware of how little I know. You know everything there is about it, though. I doff my cap to you, sir.

    • “China and the former Soviet union invented propaganda in order to keep their own people in line and create foreign admiration. ” The Nazis effectively used propaganda to win the support of millions (yes, real, actual, millions. Not imaginary millions, but real citizens) of Germans in a democracy and, later in a dictatorship, to facilitate persecution, war, and ultimately genocide. The stereotypes and images found in Nazi propaganda were not new, but were already familiar to their intended audience. “In the days after the Nazi electoral victories of July 1932, Adolf Hitler informed Joseph Goebbels that he intended to make Goebbels director of a new propaganda ministry when the Nazis took over the reins of national government. Goebbels soon envisioned an empire that would control schools, universities, film, radio, and propaganda. “The national education of the German people,” he wrote, “will be placed in my hands.”’https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/ministry-of-propaganda-and-public-enlightenment. Andrew, did you think your commnet would go unnoticed, without challenge? “All this was inspired by the principle—which is quite true within itself—that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. ”  Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch. X[1]

      • What is your point Bulkington. Yes Germany did propaganda also. I am simply helping dondonodn understand that he shouldnt believe anything China says. Are you saying China;s propaganda is only for ”imaginary millions”

        • Andrew– given the track record of lies, distortions and deceit, I’ll believe anything China says over anything trump says.

  2. 90% of all the plastic dumped in the Pacific is from Asian countries.
    Your plastic water bottle in OB is not the problem.

    • kag– 87 % of statistics are made up.
      Unless of course, you have some facts to back your statistics up. Do you have any ? I do…
      The fact that the United States paid impoverished countries to take our “recyclables”and then did not care what happened to them, does not let us off the hook.
      Also, Asia has 65 % of the words population ,14 times the population of the U.S , and has a combined coastline that is more than 10 times the length of ours.
      As I said, India contributes to the problem. That does not make our contribution any less meaningful.
      Everyone contributes, and everyone is part of the problem. Because other people are irresponsible does that mean that we should be also ? After all, don’t most Americans think they are better than the rest of the world ? American exceptionalism and all that bs ? If you think America is better, then be better — But why even settle for “better”, when we can “be best” .
      If that plastic bottle from OB winds up in the stomach of a whale, then it’s a problem, isn’t it ?
      Maybe not for you. I GET IT .

    • KAG, plastic making its way into local waters is still a problem. WHOI has been trying to get this message across for some time. True, reducing our use of plastic on MV won’t solve everything elsewhere, but we should work towards positive change. It’s a cumulative effort. We can keep our beaches clean and help protect marine life.

      • Aquinnah–I really appreciate your comments. Some of your comments to me have been very effective at getting me to look at some things from a different perspective.
        Andrew seems to like you also.
        Could you please give him a little feedback as to why his statement ” No one cares about bottles in whales and caged children ” (posted on this thread feb 7 10:25 am ) is a problem ? Thanks

  3. 90% of the untrue garbage about the environment is dumped in the Times comment section from Trump supporters who think climate change is a hoax.

  4. Oh boy, another manure fight between the Crunchers and the MAGAs. Sigh…when will it ever end? Anyone with a lick of sense (and that’s very few people) will see that the solution is to invent environmentally friendly plastic products and work on cleaning up existing plastic from the environment. And stop with the “It Can’t Be Done” nonsense- that’s what people said about CD burners in computers in the early 90s, that it was “Beyond our current technology.” Now the CD itself has been leapfrogged by wifi technology. Stop whining, start innovating.

  5. ” the solution is to invent environmentally friendly plastic products and work on cleaning up existing plastic from the environment.” Golly, W.J.! What wonderful ideas! Why did not anyone ever before think of these solutions? Please share with the unenlightened your formula for environmentally freindly plastic and how you are going to engineer the cleaning up of plastic from the environment. You do not have to be so specific as to reveal intellectual property or trade secrets. Synopses will do. I sincerely agree that both can be done. I truly do. As you have enjoined us to the same, what are your innovations? Why, anyone with a lick of sense can see these are the solutions. Share yours.

      • Wesley– thanks for the link. Good try, but Andrew will tell you it’s impossible, and that will be the end of that. He after all knows everything about plastic. Andrew wants to get rid of all regulations, thinks environmental laws violate our freedom , and climate change is a hoax. . We are Americans after all. He also thinks there is no problem with whales eating plastic bottles, as he knows everything about plastic, and apparently plastic cannot harm marine life. If it in fact did harm marine life, and he didn’t care, well— that just couldn’t be. : Let me quote Greta Thunberg “Because if [he] really understood the situation and still kept on failing to act, then [he] would be evil. And that I refuse to believe.”

      • So, you, Wesley, you have no actual solutions that you, yourself, have conceived and have implemented? What did you, Wesley, invent?

        • Wesley never claimed to have invented anything. He said the technology was out there. You called him on it and he posted links. You lose..

        • Oh- so you believe one needs a patent to make a point? Alas, this proves once and for all that these posting boards are not actual discussions but rather ranting spaces for the irritable and the irrational. I will take advantage of a wonderful invention called the delete button. Farewell, boomer.

  6. Jackie I apologize if I quoted you incorrectly on the 9th month abortion. I dont remember that. The Dem party wants it to be ”safe legal and unlimited” When do you think it should be restricted? Do you ever use hyperbole to make a point Jackie? Of course we dont want plastic to show up in whale bellys but my point is that there are far more important issues that the middle class and lower classes are struggling with. dondondon, keep digging to find out about my past. Have you ever thought there may be some reason you cant find much other than I dont have a past? Think about that.

    • Andrew– wow !! an apology !!!
      I am so proud for you , Jackie 😉 And , you are welcome. I appreciate the support.
      Andrew– words matter. If you really think we don’t want plastic to show up in whale bellies you shouldn’t say it. There are seriously ignorant people out there who for some reason agree with what you say. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it.
      And of course I have thought about why there is little trace of your life.
      there are a few possibilities
      1) your whole life is a lie and your real name is not Andrew *******. ( I know you hate it when I use your “real” last name ..)
      2) You are pretty smart, and have been successful at covering your tracks.

    • Andrew, you did not try to quote me at all about anything. You wrote lies about me, saying things that are not remotely true, like I am for open borders. You can’t even be honest in an apology.

      A lie is not hyperbole. Alternatative facts are lies, not hyperbole. Opinions may be hyperbolic, but facts may not. I do not lie to make a point. You do. You say above that Pete Buttigieg’s husband is a barista when in fact he is a teacher. Is it hyperbole to make your point because he once worked at Starbucks when just out of grad school? No, it is a lie. FYI, I understand completely what your point is in that particular lie. I don’t care if you are simply repeating what your cult tries to brainwash you into publicizing, it is still a lie. Why doesn’t your cult tell you to promote the lie that the First Lady living in the White House is currently a lesbian porn model because she once had that job? That doesn’t fit in with the brainwashing?

      When a person tells the truth, a good memory isn’t needed. You don;t seem to remember all the untruths you have told- about yourself, too- on these pages over many years and many different user names. I have a good memory, Andrew. The problem you have on these pages is that not telling the truth so frequently– about small matters and large matters– makes everything you say have no value. Think about that.

    • “Have you ever thought there may be some reason you can’t find much other then I don’t have a past?”
      I bet I know why he can’t find anything.

        • perhaps he’s a spy– An Iranian spy–he claims to have traveled all over the world, including Iran and Russia, and can speak their languages.

      • Bored, retired, conservative guy in Florida with an unintersting life, ergo no online presense? A Russian troll? A professional prevaricator with a really bad memory? Cult member whose online life is carefully controlled? Rich guy with a criminal past who changed his name and paid to have his online history removed? A child of escaped Nazis? A guy with substance abuse issues who drunk posts? A guy with a James Bond/007 complex? I have a good imagination!

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