Woods Hole is under assault


To the Editor:

Falmouth, the main port of the Steamship Authority, is under assault from the ever-increasing traffic to Martha’s Vineyard. Two massive parking lots have been recently completed. The Steamship Authority buses and the parade of propane tankers clog our roads from Bourne Bridge to Woods Hole. Now, with the opening of a full-time third ferry slip, the traffic flow through the village will be delayed. When will the SSA board accept the inevitability of a second main port?


Albert and Margaret Fitzelle
Woods Hole


  1. Don’t like the traffic in Woods Hole? Move.This is like people in Braintree complaining about traffic into Boston.

  2. I don’t think you understand what the SSA does. The SSA brings the Vineyard the essential supplies that make life possible here, food, fuel, and people. I’m trying hard not to be rude, but you bought a house knowing that SSA was there. It’s been there for generations. I can’t imagine ANYONE considering your concerns about traffic as at all significant relative to whether or not we get to the essentials of life… but you know, to each their own.

  3. I feel sorry for these people. The island is growing and that impacts Falmouth tremendously with an increase in all kinds of traffic. “Deal with it” isn’t a very good response to legitimate concerns. Imagine if that were the response to the need for a roundabout on the island, in place of the blinker– or any of the other issues facing the island as traffic and people increase.

  4. Look we all choose to buy a house in a certain area. This letter is very misleading since Albert did not give his background.Jackie no comment,
    the steamship has been here for decades, when did you guys buy your house? The steamship gives the island a life and sorry but if the steamship was not there than woodshole would be dead and the next thing people would go after is how tall their next door neighbors hedge is or the paint color of their neighbors house is…… how about instead of always complaining put that negative energy into something positive and Jackie really stop drinking the cool aid.

  5. The Island has created a monster known as the island. Martha’s Vineyard is at maximum capacity can’t anyone see that? this Summer, which will be the biggest Summer for tourism by far will cripple island life as we used to know it. If the island slows down that will help with the off island parking situation. if not, it’s all over but the crying

    • There should be a summer visitor lottery. Only allow a certain number of people per day/week/month/season. Then put up a FULL sign, like in a parking lot. End of problem.

  6. Maybe you have not been around long enough to know the SSA has tried to use New Bedford as a second port.
    It was an economical and logistical failure.
    The SSA has jumped through all sorts of hoops to try to satisfy the woods hole road residents.
    To no avail. They just complain more.
    If you bought a property next to an airport because it was inexpensive, does that give you the right to try to shut it down because it makes too much noise?
    The road will be there, the traffic will be there, the SSA will still be there long after you are gone from this earth. Live with it or move away.

  7. Viewfromhere, don’t be an apologist for the Steamship Authority. Like everything the SSA touches, the New Bedford experiment in 2000-01 only lost money because the SSA insisted on trying to manage it (use only SSA reservation services, schedule your boats as we say, don’t take any autos, and most importantly, don’t threaten the SSA monopoly on existing freight service from Woods Hole). A private carrier could deliver goods from New Bedford to the Vineyard at rates much lower than the SSA can deliver freight from Wood Hole. Just ask any freight shipper on the Vineyard route and the answer is always: There’s no reason that some freight should not be coming out of New Bedford to the Vineyard.

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