Tree snaps, wire burns in O.B.


Oak Bluffs Police and Fire departments responded to a burning tree on Green Avenue at approximately 2 pm Tuesday afternoon. A pitch pine, broken at the trunk, had keeled over onto an electrical wire, creating small flames despite rainy weather. Eversource workers eventually arrived on the scene, cut power, and began to chainsaw limbs from the wire. It’s unclear how the tree toppled. Oak Bluffs Police Lt. Tim Williamson suggested it may have been due to wind. 


  1. Broken tree catches fire, tent blows into VH harbor, what is next? “Cat stuck on top of utility pole”, “Tisbury Police respect the Constitution”, “Tisbury Selectman approve Tripp Barnes dormitory “.
    The MV Times newsroom appears overwhelmed lately.
    I smell more NEPA awards in the future.

  2. James — it seems you have some sort of attitude about the Times.
    I wonder why that would be ?
    The times seems to be doing what papers are supposed to be doing –reporting news.
    Some of it has to do with frivolous things,
    some of it has to do with mundane things,
    and occasionally they report about about some things that are pretty serious,
    Like fraudulent businesses that are endangering the health of our residents and visitors.
    The times reports all of it.
    If a racist like rush limblaugh can receive the presidential medal of freedom ,
    the Times can certainly receive all the awards anyone wants to give them .
    I wonder why you have a problem with that ?
    I can only conclude it might be personal .

    • Oh, dondondon, I agree with your conclusion. Why it seems like only yesterday (or was it November 15, 2017) a Times headline read “Board of health issues order to destroy confiscated honey.” Google remembers all.

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