Nichols’ license to carry restored

Stephen Nichols, shown here after he was returned to his job as a crossing guard, finally received his license to carry back.

The odyssey of crossing guard Stephen Nichols appears to be at an end. On Tuesday morning, Tisbury Police handed Nichols a renewed Massachusetts License to Carry Firearms (LTC), according to Nichols’ attorney Dan Larkosh. Nichols was relieved of his duties as a Tisbury School crossing guard in September, part and parcel with being relieved of his firearms and gun license, after Tisbury Police learned about an alleged threat to the Tisbury School. That threat proved false. 

Nichols was reinstated as a crossing guard in October. But the firearms revocation stood, based on comments Nichols allegedly made about being a danger to himself. In an appeal filed in Edgartown District Court, Larkosh wrote the revocation was “arbitrary and capricious.” In light of the reinstated license, Larkosh said, he will be dismissing the appeal.

Police Chief Mark Saloio, who made the decision to revoke Nichols’ license, refused to comment on the license reinstatement.