West Tisbury: Snow moon


The “Snow Moon” is almost full overhead, bright in the night sky. The name refers to February usually being our coldest month, with the heaviest snows. There are still two more weeks to go till the end of the month.

I ran into Allen Healy the other day. He told me that there is a new Jersey heifer at Mermaid Farm. Her mother is Holly; her sister is Heidi. Allen said he needed another “H’ name. He chose Hermine. I couldn’t be more thrilled, never having had a heifer named after me. Can’t wait to stop by the farm and meet my namesake.

Abby is enjoying her new enclosure, running out the dining room door at top speed and circling the fenced-in area over and over again. Ours isn’t as large or as open a ground as Kathy Logue’s, but Abby seems happy with it. 

She and Finley had a play date at Kathy’s last Saturday. Mike took her over, and said that Fin seemed surprised that his pal is now almost as tall as he is. They ran and ran until Abby trotted over to the gate, sat down, and waited for Mike to put her leash on and take her home.

She is 6 months old now, a teenage hoyden in human terms. She is tall, long-legged and long-bodied, still with thick, honey-colored curls running the length of her back. She has gone airborne, jumping up on us and the kitchen counter. We are working on that behavior, but making little progress so far. She crawls into our laps and we pet her, knowing she will soon be 60 or 70 pounds, maybe too big and heavy someday for lap-sitting. For now, it’s heavenly. Mike and I both admit we are spoiling her. We are overindulgent, and remain besotted with our puppy.

Peter Wells has announced that he is running for Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank commissioner from West Tisbury in this coming April’s town election. Binnie Ravitch had decided not to run again, so Peter hopes to fill the open seat.

“Take your song out of the shower and into the spotlight” is Terre Young’s invitation for the fundraising event for Friends of Family Planning she is working on. It’s called “Sing to Support Island Sexual and Reproductive Health Programs and Projects,” a lip-sync contest to be held at the P.A. Club on March 7. There will be cash prizes: $500 for first; $200 for second; and $100 for third. If you are interested, go to fofpmvi@gmail.com to register and pay the $30 fee. The deadline to register is Feb. 22.

Events at the West Tisbury library this week:

Thursday, Feb. 13, 10:30 am, “Classical Music Is For You” with David Rhoderick. At 3 pm, Laura Jordan’s Little Bird Music Class for children and families.

Friday, Feb. 14, 11 am, Valentine’s Day Hand Massage Workshop by Kanta Lipsky. Plan to stay afterward for soup, bread, and conversation. Sign up at the library. At 3 pm, Hugh Phear will lead a Chain Reaction Activity for Kids. Kids are welcome to “try their hand at building an inspired device that performs a simple task in a creative and convoluted way.”

Saturday, Feb. 15, 10:30 am, Lego Club for all ages.

Monday, Feb. 17, the library will be closed for President’s Day.

Tuesday, Feb. 18, 4:30 pm, West Tisbury architect Bruce MacNelly will speak.

As I am writing this, I am wearing a pair of “Army green” socks that were Mike’s when he was in the Army Reserves, way before I knew him. I took possession of these marvelous socks not long after we were married. They are heavy wool, beautifully constructed, with support under the arches. They are thick, warm, and stay up. They have lasted all these years in perfect condition, except for the top of one that Talley chewed when she was a puppy 20 or so years ago.

I mention these socks as an example of an item that was designed to be well-used and to stand up to the rigors of that wear, to last. They are an example of the quality we used to value.

When Mike and I were early married, he used to tease me that he would become a curmudgeon when he got older. I guess I have joined him. I complain about how much our values have changed as a society, how we seem to want cheap things and don’t care if they last. It has infected every strata of our lives. New and cheap. Replace it frequently.

Although not the point of this story, I will add my gratitude that we have somehow managed not to replace each other through all these years either.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mike.