Enrolling the Island

The League of Women Voters has joined up with the Chamber of Commerce for a voting enrollment campaign. from left, Tashmoo Insurance employees Shannon Donovan, agent Kelly Oaks, and Gabby Silva. Tashmoo Insurance is offering registration forms.

The Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce has joined forces with the League of Women Voters of Martha’s Vineyard to achieve their goal of “100 percent for the 100th” campaign, an initiative to enroll all eligible voters on the Vineyard.

The initiative coincides with the 100th anniversary of the enactment of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, giving women the power to vote.

“Island businesses — many of them owned or operated by women — know firsthand how impactful the 19th Amendment has been. Women in business are a benchmark of progress. And the chamber is proud to be a part of the league’s celebration. I am hoping that Island chamber members find many more ways to help showcase the 100th anniversary of the enactment,” Nancy Gardella, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce, said in a press release about the collaboration.

As part of the league’s yearlong centennial campaign called “Honoring History – Making Progress,” a number of special events will be held. The M.V. Museum will host a tea honoring “Women in Public Service and Military – Past and Present,” the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School will hold an assembly called “Title IX and Beyond,” and a “Women in the Arts” weekend will take place on the Island.

“Partnering with the Chamber of Commerce is a first for the League of Women Voters. This celebration of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, as well as the founding of the national league, has given the local league new opportunities to get the word out about the work that the league undertakes here on the Vineyard,” Deborah Medders, chair of the league’s celebration effort, said.